Aline Bock

Aline Bock

Aline is not only one of Germany’s best snowboarders and Freeride World Tour champ, she’s also an avid surfer, biker and coffee consumer. For her 6-month road trip, she has
loaded her CLIFF with boards, bikes and beans.

Aline, you’re about to set off on a six-month road trip with Cliff. But it’s pretty familiar territory for you, isn’t it?

Yes, I was more or less camping-bottle-fed. All our family vacations were camping trips. I don’t know it any other way really – and I never felt like missing out. I’m not the hotel type. I want to stop whenever wherever I want to. At places where the surf or the snow is great, where I want to soak in the landscape or where I like the people. But it’s my first time travelling all by myself for such a long time and that’s new ground for me.

Before you’ve been on the road with fellow rider and friend Lena Stoffel. You also joined the Sunlight team together.

Yes, back in the days when we shot our film “Way North” in Norway. We fell in love with Larry so quickly.


That’s what we called our RV. I can’t remember why though. But Larry was super popular. Not just with us. I remember surfing at the Norwegian coast in the freezing cold. When we arrived at the spot some of the guys raised their eyebrows: two girls in a motorhome parking between their vans. But when they got out of the cold water they soon appreciated our spacious, cosy home. We asked them to join us for a coffee to warm-up and they loved it, of course. In return they told us the best insider tips... Larry broke the ice, if you like – or he warmed their hearts.

Do you have a fixed route mapped for your trip now?

No, not really. You can’t have fixed plans when you are road tripping. It’s all about freedom and flexibility. I have all my sports gear. My bike on the back, four boards on top. I know I will start in Sweden and I would love to go to Iceland. But for sure I will head down the coastline. France, Spain, Portugal, Morocco. I can’t say when I will be where. I want to be spontaneous and would love to see friends visiting me and Cliff.

From Larry to Cliff – do you like the name?

Yes, I do. And I also like the thought of my camper van being male. Maybe because it feels like travelling with a protector. My trip will sure be an adventure, but it’s also a bit scary and I have a lot of respect. It’s comforting to have Cliff as a safe haven.

What are you listening too?

Audio books and podcasts. And I will sure listen to some spotify playlists by other van lifers.

What is your must-have for the road?

I travel light, but I always some pictures on board. And I’m such a coffee freak, which means I bring several coffee machines, my grinder, milk frother, beans – the whole repertoire.

Sounds like Café Cliff?!

Yes (laughs). Who knows: Rolling Café Cliff. Sounds great.