König Kunde Award 2021

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1. place in the category –  Brand Loyalty.
1. place in the category – Service.
2. place in the category – Value for money.
3. place in the category – Quality.
Second place in the overall ranking of volume manufacturers
PLUS we received the Special Award in the category “low-cost vehicles”

We are extremely proud to have been recognized with the prestigious “König Kunde Award” in several categories by the German publication Reisemobil International.

The “König Kunde Award” is a very special honor as it is voted for by the mobile home owners themselves. The magazine asked their readers to judge their mobile home brand – and SUNLIGHT ranked top spot twice in the categories “Brand Loyalty” and “Service”, came 2nd in the category “Value for Money” and 3rd in the category “Quality” (all in the segment “Volumenhersteller”).

Therefore we’re overall 2nd in the segment “Volumenhersteller”

PLUS, we received the Special Award in the category “Low-Cost Vehicles”.

We want to thank our community for their dedication and loyalty – we will keep up the hard (but fun) work to give you the best SUNLIGHT experience!

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