Camping in autumn

Our tips for your camping trip in the golden season
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The time has come, summer is coming to an end and so is this year’s camping season, right?

Not exactly…

If you’re the kind of person who likes to hole up at home by the nearest radiator from September onwards, eagerly awaiting the arrival of spring, then this post might not be for you. But if you’re still hungry for adventure and action in the golden season, then you should experience nature in its most beautiful colors at first hand, on an autumn camping trip.


But what are the advantages of an autumn camping trip?

A camping trip in autumn has many advantages, while most people are already back in the office mourning the summer, you can enjoy your vacation far away from mass tourism. In addition, you also benefit in the off-season from much cheaper camping offers. Another advantage is the wide range of destinations. While it is still pleasantly warm in some countries, such as Spain, for instance, you can already start the skiing and snowboarding season in other countries.



Also challenging trekking tours through the mountains or mountain biking is much more pleasant in autumn, because on the one hand it is not quite as hot and on the other hand your tours are still very impressive due to the colorful variety that autumn brings with it.

As you can see, autumn is perfect for your adventure vacation.


Got the right equipment with you?

It’s no secret that it’s frostier in the autumn than in the summer, but with a little preparation it doesn’t matter. If you have the following equipment with you, nothing will get in the way of your autumn time camping.



The right clothes

Hat, gloves and of course a waterproof jacket are the key. Since there are often warm days in the fall, we recommend the so-called layer or onion principle. This way you are always dressed for any weather and ready for your adventures.

Tea Time

A thermos flask is the perfect way to keep a warming cup of tea handy without having to constantly turn on the gas stove. You can also warm yourself from the inside on your hiking tours.

Comfortable pillows and blankets

What could be better than curling up with a good book after a biking tour, snowboarding or hiking? Even better if you have enough soft pillows and blankets at your disposal.

Flashlight or headlamp

The days are getting shorter, so you shouldn’t miss out on a mobile light source. Especially if the evening hike lasts a little longer than expected.


In the evening after finishing your tour a crackling and warming campfire with a beer or wine? There are definitely worse things, so equip yourself well for a campfire and enjoy the evening. Please be mindful of applicable regulations and safety measures when doing so.

Fairy lights

A string of warm lights will not only make your camper cozier, but the illusion of warmth should not be underestimated.

Rainy days

Even on days when you might be too uncomfortable to be out exploring, you don’t have to be bored. A few games and snacks will fix that. Other than that, indoor alternatives such as a climbing gym are also great for keeping rainy days active. Of course, you can also pursue your favorite outdoor activities despite the rain. Especially dirt biking is great


So no matter which autumn vacation you decide on, whether it’s a surfing vacation in Spain or Portugal, a skiing vacation in the Alps or a trekking or mountain bike tour in the local area. Pack your camper, start your trip and enjoy the autumn with all its advantages.

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