Maxime Desprey fra

Maxime Desprey is a grounded, down-to-earth guy – while spraying dust, racing dirt laps, and flying through the air. Motocross is one of the most demanding sports, and Maxime is one of the best of the trait. Born 1993 in Saint Remy, he is 4x French champion and finished twice 4th in the European Championships. Welcome to the Adventure Crew, Monsieur Desprey!

Maxime, describe your personality in 3 words:

Maxime: I would say: honest, hard-working and funny.


Describe your motocross style in 3 words:

Maxime: Soft, brilliant and consistent. I really like 30-minute races because your physicality can make the difference.


The three most important things for success?

Maxime: First and foremost, hard work. You also have to be tactically smart and patient. Sometimes things don’t look so good for you, then you have to wait and see. And you have to be mentally strong, especially when you’re racing at a high level. No matter what sport, everyone works hard in the top league.

And how do you stay cool and strong under pressure?

Maxime: The most important thing is probably that you are well prepared. If you know that you gave everything in training, then you basically feel less pressure. And the pressure during the race is a good pressure. Think about your goal and everything will work out!


You’re also a bike fan – what do you like about two-wheelers that don’t need a motor?

Maxime: I like cycling alone or with friends and soaking up the landscapes, enjoying the freedom, and I actually like the physical exertion too. With road cycling you get a lot of speed and you can play with climbs and descents. And with biking I like the technique and that it’s a bit like motocross.

3 things you like most about your van:

Maxime: Above all, the Adventure Edition looks really good. In addition, you can drive – more or less – as fast as with a car. Just one more point? Then I’ll put everything in: Inside you simply have everything you need. You can sleep, shower, go to the toilet, cook. It’s just like a little house. When it rains or it’s cold, I go inside, warm up and then go back on the track. Oh, and I love the awning. It’s so nice to sit outside on sunny days, eat and enjoy life. There’s a luxury camping side to it.


Are you a born camper or how did you come to Sunlight?

Maxime: Yes, that’s me. Even when I was a little boy, when motocross started, my family had a camper and we drove around France and Europe. Now I have my own Sunlight and I really, really enjoy it. I can go wherever I want and I can stay at the track and I don’t have to stay in a hotel. It makes everything so much easier. And it’s still super comfortable!

Maximes SUNLIGHT T 680 Adventure

But you have your machine and all your things with you. Will it all fit?

Maxime: Yes, I have my motocross bike with me, my equipment – and usually my girlfriend as well. At races, I leave the bike with my team and we have room to sleep. We use every room and I don’t miss anything.


Do you have any destination tips for us?

Maxime: I love the west coast of France. At Hossegor, near Biarritz, I’ve been driving a lot and it’s a fantastic place. Huge beach, beautiful forests. You can also do all kinds of sports there, cycling, surfing, running….

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