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A new level of snugness

High-class interior, clever details and the most comfortable lounging area — CLIFF is a practical, down-to-earth and an extremely cosy travel buddy.


No trade-offs
»I sleep so safe and sound in my CLIFF, even when there is a fierce wind blowing outside. But the nicest thing still is to fall asleep with the rear open listening to the sound of the waves hitting the shore.«


Freerider and surfer with a healthy sleep

»You don’t need to be a fuddy-duddy housewife to enjoy cooking in CLIFF. Wherever I go I buy some fresh local specialities and have a go at some new recipes.«


World-travelling professional
athlete & great cook

A clean business

Perfect combination: the bathroom/toilet double solution is thought-through to the detail and offers versatile use. You can twist and turn the toilet as you like, you can pull out the shower tap for all kinds of purposes, and the crossbar is perfect to hang up your clothes for drying.

Outdoor shower

With the extended shower hose you can wash off sand and sweat or rinse your equipment outside. (optional)

»I’m travelling quite a lot. But everyday, wherever I am — I come back home to my camper.«


Mountainbike pro

Appealing appearance

Choose your color



Perfect in practice

We won’t be rolling out the red carpet — but we will be lowering the electric step. Our highlights show that we know exactly what counts: we like it safe and smart, convenient and comfortable.

Ambiance lighting and optional table extension

Fridge 90 L door opens more than 180°

(except CLIFF 540 with 65 L)

USB port


Gas bottle locker

for 2 × 11 kg gas bottles (except CLIFF 601 with 2 × 5 kg gas bottles)

Electric entrance step


2-burner hob

with split glass lid

Control panel

provides information about water levels and battery capacity

Special Edition