Maxime Desprey

Maxime Desprey
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Maxime Desprey is a grounded, down-to-earth guy – while spraying dust, racing dirt laps, and flying through the air. Motocross is one of the most demanding sports, and Maxime is one of the best of the trait. Born 1993 in Saint Remy, he is 4x French champion and finished twice 4th in the European Championships. Welcome to the Adventure Crew, Monsieur Desprey!
To the interview

Maxime, describe your personality in 3 words:

Maxime I would say: honest, hard-working and funny.


Describe your riding style in 3 words:

Maxime Smooth, smart and consistent.
I really like the 30 min race, because you can do the difference physically.


The 3 most important things to be successful?

Maxime The work for sure. You have to be also tactically smart and patient. Sometimes you have to wait if the situation is not good for you at the moment. And you have to be mentally strong, especially when you get to a high level in sports – because at the top everybody is working hard.


How do you stay cool and focused under pressure?

Maxime I think the first thing that helps is preparation. Because when you have done all you can in training, and you’ve worked hard, then you don’t have that much pressure in the first place as you know you did all you could. And the pressure of racing is a good form of pressure. Think about your goal and it will be good!


You are also into cycling – what makes you like riding two wheels without any engine?

Maxime I like cycling alone or with friends, because you see some awesome landscape, you feel free, and – well: I like the phsyical effort. In road-cycling you have some good speed and you can play with climbing and downhill. And I also do mountain biking as it is technical and it’s a little bit like a motocross bike.

Are you a born camper or how did you end up with Sunlight?

Maxime Yes, I am. Since I was a kid and started riding motocross, my family had a camper for training and racing in all of France and Europe. Now, I have the chance to have a Sunlight and I really, really like it. I can go everywhere and whenever I want, I can stay on tracks the night before the race and don’t need to go hotel. It’s much easier. And I have all the comfort!


3 things you really like about your camper:

Maxime I like my van first of all because the Adventure Edition is really beautiful. Also, you can drive as fast as a car – more or less. One more point? I pack it all in: inside you have everything you need. You can sleep, shower, use the bathroom, cook. It’s just like a small house. When it’s raining and cold, I can go inside to get warm and then I go back racing. Oh, and I also love the marquise. It’s so nice to sit outside on sunny days and eat and enjoy quietly. It’s a bit of luxury camping.



Now, your machine and your gear take up a lot of space. How does it all fit in there?

Maxime Well, I take my bike with me, my equipment – and as often as possible my girlfriend, too. Most of time, I drop my bike at my team. And we have the bed for sleep. Every space is used and I miss nothing.


Any destination tips or great spots you would recommend anybody to see?

Maxime I really like the west coast of France, close to Hossegor! I rode a lot there and during summer it’s a fantastic place… Big beach and some nice wood. You can do all sorts of sports there, like cycling, surfing, running…


Thanks and all the best, Maxime!

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