Guido Tschugg

Guido Tschugg
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Guido was already crazy about motorsports, when winning almost everything you can win internationally on BMX and MTB. The eBike became part of his (huge) fleet, while others were still mocking the bikes with drive. So he is not only »Germany’s grand bike master«, but also one of the eBike pioneers worldwide. As he is always fine-tuning his gear and re-flecting on details, he has become one of the most valuable sources of feedback for the Sunlight development team.
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Guido, how many kilometres did you travel with your Coachbuilt last year?

GUIDO About 32,000 kms. We’ve been getting around a fair bit again. Southern Spain, Southern France, but we’ve also spent quite some time in Italy and Switzerland.

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You are not just travelling with your family, but also on your own — why do you need an A 70?

GUIDO Because it’s my second home holding an entire second household — and that’s quite extensive. You know I don’t just bring underpants, shirts, shorts and toothbrush. All the equip-ment really needs a lot of space. I have several helmets, dozens of protectors and shoes. Plus, the A 70 has the large rear locker, which is just perfect for me.

How many eBikes are parked there?

GUIDO That depends. There is room for five or six of them, but I usually travel with two plus my motocross bike. Then there is still enough space for the work-shop and the spare parts with wheelset, tires, hoses, shift hanger etc.

»I make a fire, put down chair and table — that’s just perfect to relax and unwind.«

You will need all the spares and tools. As a downhill pro you like rough tracks you sure have a certain wear and tear …

GUIDO People tend to think so, but that’ s not really the case. Our riding might look aggressive, but it’s not. I am a very precise rider. Last year at the Downhill World Championships in Andorra I didn’t even have a flat. Amateurs usually destroy more than pros. Racers ride a clean style and a clean line. Otherwise you won’t win medals, but break stuff — bike parts and body parts.

Are you also a clean guy when it comes to motorhomes? After all, biking and motocross are dirt sports?

GUIDO Well, I’m not super tidy folding each and every item for the closet… Yet, I don’t want puddles of mud in my motorhome. When I get back from riding all dirty and sweaty, I hang my clothes up to rinse in the rear locker. It’s heatable and thus stuff dries pretty quickly. That’s perfect even for shoes and protectors.

You are generally very fond of the rear locker …

GUIDO (Laughs) True! It now has a power socket as well so I can charge my eBikes directly. That was my input to the product developers last year and now it’s there. I can built my own Coachbuilt … No seri-ously, working with the Sunlight team is great. I don’t just get a motorhome to travel the world showing the Sunlight logo. It’s really about putting it to the test as a motor fanatic and a heavy user and then giving honest feedback.

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Any other details in the Coachbuilt that make your life easier?

GUIDO Well, I really enjoy little things. The USB charging option at the table, for example, or the indirect lighting. It creates quite a romantic atmosphere — though that doesn’t help when I’m travelling by myself without my wife. But it does look very nice.

And it radiates cosiness. You may be extremely fast on the trails, but off the trails you seem to be quite relaxed and chilled?

GUIDO I like it comfy, absolutely. I always bring my coffee equipment and I also take the time to cook. I don’t really have a special diet as some athletes may, but I make sure it’s fresh and tastes good. I love BBQ, too. I always take the grill as well as the fire bowl and wood. I make a fire, put down chair and table — that’s just perfect to relax and unwind.