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Enjoy when and where you want

Quality time: cook together, eat together, travel together.


Flexible and free, because the most beautiful places are not to be found in travel guides.


At the end of the day — you’re at home

Nice & Clean

When there’s so much more to it than you think: All Sunlight models know how to maximise space. Even small details can grow into large room solutions. This can be seen in the bathroom, for example, where shower, washbasin and cassette toilet are multifunctional.


Everything here revolves around space: in the bathroom area, many elements can be turned, adjusted and hidden.


The most beautiful scenery — and we are in the midst of it.


Perfect in practice

We won’t be rolling out the red carpet — but we will be lowering the electric step. Our highlights show that we know exactly what counts: we like it safe and smart, convenient and comfortable.

Fly screen door

Three-burner hob

with glass lid

Power outlet in the rear locke

Indirect illumination

Servo soft drawers

Electric entrance step

Gas bottle compartment

GRP roof and rear panel