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The place to be

Put your feet up and wind down: our motorhome turns from a reliable vehicle into a cosy living room in a second. With smartly designed space solutions you can be assured that anyone can find their place — tall or small, with or without fur.

»Freedom to me means being fully independent. I want to cook for myself whatever and wherever I want.«


fuels up in his kitchen

»32,000 kilometers in one year — we’ve been getting around a fair bit again.«


on the road and on the trails

Nice & clean

If you don’t have much room then it’s good to have brains. We have designed the bathroom with shower, washbasin and cassette toilet in a multifunctional way and integrated some intelligent storage solutions as well as practical details.

Vario bathroom

It’s all about space: several bathroom elements are multifunctional and can be turned, adjusted and hidden.

»My RV is a bike workshop on wheels with all the tools and spare parts you need for maintenance and service. When we are on tour we are sometimes pretty far from civilisation — and bike shops.«


is his own bike mechanic


Perfect in practice

We won’t be rolling out the red carpet — but we will be lowering the electric step. Our highlights show that we know exactly what counts: we like it safe and smart, convenient and comfortable.

Fly screen door

Three-burner hob

with glass lid

Power outlet in the rear locke

Indirect illumination

Soft-close system in all drawers

Electric entrance step

Gas bottle compartment

GRP roof and rear panel