A major alpine ski Talent turned top slopestyle skier turned pro freerider: Lena has ventured more and more into remote off-piste terrain — and into adventures. Together with Aline, she explores fascinating places and produces captivating films.
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Lena, from alpine skier to slopestyle star to pro freerider – your ski career is pretty comprehensive…

LENA It was, but I feel I’m now right at the spot where I want to be ski-wise. I like venturing into deep snow. As an alpine racer I had to focus on the gates, now I dive into nature. It was different with slopestyle, but it still was competition driven, of course. When you compete on X-Games level you have to train hard and everything is structured. You travel from event to event, from hotel to hotel.

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Today you no longer compete, but you still travel a lot. But it’s different?!

LENA Totally. Today, I work on my dream projects. I’m outside, I explore new places, it’s adventurous and there is so much more to it than just the sports. It’s not easy to master an independent life, but I would never trade in the freedom.

Is this what brought you to the Camper Van life?

LENA Aline (Bock) and I asked Sunlight whether they would support us with a RV for our film project “Way North”. We wanted to go to Scandinavia with our film team. And Sunlight said yes. Which was amazing. The moment we hit the road we felt so much at home and were all in road tripping mood. We were so flexible, we had everything on board and so much fun.

»I sleep so safe and sound in my CLIFF, even when there is a fierce wind blowing outside. But the nicest thing still is to fall asleep with the rear open listening to the sound of the waves hitting the shore.«

And now you have ‘moved’ to Cliff?

LENA Yes, and it’s just the perfect ride, I love it. I can go wherever it’s best spontaneously, can park at the lift or at the coast, sleep in and still be the first in the gondola or the sea.

Flexibility is essential to you, isn’t it?

LENA Absolutely. Whether you are hunting the perfect wave or the deepest powder. In winter it’s also a safety plus. We can ski at places where the conditions are good and don’t have to risk as much as others who are limited to one spot.

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What else do you like about Cliff?

LENA It’s super easy to drive and compact, but still easily houses all my gear. And it’s bright and open. When you open the side door it feels like cooking outside. And when you stand on a cliff and open the back – the sea view from your bed. Priceless.