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Your home on wheels should be more cozy?

Find styling & decoration ideas here

Styling ideas from a professional:

The motorhome is the second home for many, which is precisely why we want to feel especially comfortable there.
We want to feel at home, even if we are hundreds, or even thousands of kilometers away from our home.
Just for this feeling, little things can be crucial – pictures, pillows, pennants, fairy lights, there are countless possibilities.

Here you will find ideas and suggestions to individualize your motorhome.


Design pennants yourself



find more about macramé pennants

The knotting technique originating from the Orient is often used for ornaments,
textiles, jewelry, or as in our case for pennants.



find more about wish flags

Originally, these wishing flags come from Tibet and are supposed to carry the good out into the world.
The classic colors blue, white, red, green and yellow represent sky, clouds, fire, water and earth.


Other things that make your motorhome even more individual:

– Clips: small and nice, these clips also make a statement in the bathroom!
more about clips

– Tapes or cords in different colors : ou can attach photos and cards and other things in your motorhome easily with them.


– Magazines – so called coffee books look great and provide enough reading material during your trip.

Ideas and products you can easily find on google or etsy


Polaroid camera

To have the experiences of your travels always with you, I recommend a Polaroid camera.
You can easily find used but well working models on ebay.

The snapshots you can then immortalize with clips or adhesive drift in your Sunlight.


Fairy lights

Fairy lights can also create a great atmosphere in your home on wheels.




Stylist with passion.

I am Deborah de Luca and was born and raised in Bavaria as a child of Italian parents.

As a stylist for advertising shoots and commercials, I work for a wide variety of companies.
My many years of experience in the fashion industry and my flair for interior design, I let flow into my work every day.

I was born and raised in Bavaria as a child of Italian parents. In my youth I danced classical ballet and later studied at the Heinz Bosl Foundation in Munich. Dance and its many forms of expression have always been my passion.

My sense of aesthetics and my flair for trends later led me into the fashion industry, where I worked as a buyer for exclusive fashion labels and then had my own shoe and lingerie store. With this I was listed in the fashion magazine Elle in 2006 under the heading «the 5 best shoe stores worldwide».

Soon I was booked by different photographers for various styling assignments. Be it to dress the models for campaigns and advertising shoots and shoots, but also to take over the design of the sets.


More about me and my work:
Deborah De Luca Styling


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