Kevin Langeree

Kevin  Langeree
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He is one of the most successful kite surfers on this planet, and one of the most central figures in the industry – and one of the nicest, too. Kevin Langeree (born 1988) is the Flying Dutchman with two World Championship and three (!!!) Red Bull King of Air titles. We are super stoked to have him in our SUNLIGHT adventure crew.
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What’s in the Langeree genes that makes you such top kiters? Your sister Jalou collects kite titles just as you do.

Kevin Well, it’s definitely not in the genes from our dad’s side as he hates water. But we grew up by the sea and I think we were both lucky enough to have found something we truly love at a very early age. We were both around 11 years old. I had tried surfing before, but I always had the dream of flying, too. So, with kitesurfing I had both packed into one – and I’m obsessed with it to this day. It’s uplifting in all sorts of ways.


What’s the kitesurfing community like?

Kevin That’s another really important aspect for me. The kiting spirit is supercool and I guess different to a lot of other sports. You need a kite buddy to launch the kite. It’s an unwritten rule to always help each other. The community is very open and nice towards each other. No matter what culture, religion, or skin color – you have that connection and that is something really beautiful.


What else is anchored deep in your bones?

Kevin I’m always eager to learn new things and when I get triggered, I get seriously obsessed with it. It’s still happening with kiting today. After 20 years, I’m still working on my tricks and pushing myself. But also beyond that: I like setting goals and I’ll do everything to reach them – no matter it takes a day or a year. Once you have achieved your goal it feels so good that it can become an addiction.

You have just started a new challenge by launching your own kite brand, Reedin Kites.

Kevin Yes, and it’s a very exciting – and sometimes a bit scary. But when it gets scary you get more focused and you make less mistakes. Building this brand is one of my big, big dreams and I can now invest all my experiences from my competition years in the business side. That feels great.


We know you need big air, but what do you need Sunlight for?

Kevin I’m quite a happy person and sunlight puts a big smile on my face. Sunlight gives me a feeling of freedom and energy – and that is the same with the camper. Seriously: SUNLIGHT has opened up a totally new way of travelling for me, a totally new mindset – and I really like it.


But you are a super experienced traveler!

Kevin Yes, I’ve been travelling since I was 15, but now with the camper freedom parks right there at my doorstep and it gives me a different look on travelling. I had never expected that. Instead of flying around the globe or planning far ahead, booking hotels etc. I can start whenever I want and go wherever it takes me. Last week we had a strong wind forecast in France, so we decided super lastminute to grab the camper and just go. It opens up so many other doors, that were harder to open before. I now see a lot of opportunities that I didn’t see before. It’s so liberating.

What do you like most about your new ride?

Kevin I love to have such huge space in the back for all my kite gear, and it’s super comfortable inside. And you have all in one: shower, toilet, fridge, kitchen. The whole combo is my favorite.


Any food, playlist, or destination tips?

Kevin Food: Cooking is definitely not my hobby, but eating is. My sister loves to cook. We just went on a trip together and the beauty is you go to the supermarket and fill up the kitchen and we had amazing meals for a few days. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. And I eat six meals a day: two breakfasts, two lunches and two dinners.

Playlists: For driving I like The Mighty Oaks. At dinner I’ve been listening to a lot of Norah Jones lately, but I’m also a great Reggae fan – it brings in a good vibe.

Spots: Brittany in France is super beautiful. And I’m very much looking forward to go to Portugal soon.


Thanks, Kevin – great to have you on SUNLIGHT board!