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Sunlight's Adventure Camping Glossary
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Wake up to the rustling of the forest, watching through the window as the mountain views glimmer in the sunshine in front of the window, whilst you savour your first coffee of the day.
This is freedom.
Away from the campsite and out in the wilderness, this is what the ultimate adventure looks like for many. To help you get your wild adventure on the road, Sunlight has compiled an ABC full of handy tips, important information and ingenious ideas.

1 Overnight stays in a motorhome are permitted in Germany and many other European countries on specially designated parking spaces, aires or ‚Stellplatz‘. The theory is that drivers should be able to relax on a long journey. However, this does not mean that you can also set up your camping furniture or even your barbecue in front of the vehicle. This is only permitted on official camping and motorhome parking spaces.

A Adventure, the be-all and end-all of the journey! Whether on a bike trail, diving in the lake, snowboarding on a mountain slope or an extended climbing tour, there are plenty of sporting challenges in nature. And it is just as exciting to get to know new cultures, explore unknown places and meet interesting people. If you want to experience great freedom, Adventure Camping is right for you.

B Batteries on-board are essential for the power supply when you’re Adventure Camping and your motorhome is not on ‚hook-up‘. So that the lights and refrigerator do not give up the ghost too quickly, batteries with high power that can also be recharged quickly are recommended.

C Campsites are not really part of the concept of adventure camping… However, if you want to be amongst people again, fancy a barbecue in the evening, or simply have to dispose of your grey water, a night or two at a serviced campsite is a good idea.

D Daily comforts. For many, showering is the best way to wake up in the morning. That and fresh coffee! If the lake is too cold or you fancy a hot shower after outdoor sports, your Sunlight is fully equipped. Some models can even provide you with an outdoor shower, simply by pulling the shower outside via the bathroom window – ideal to wash off sand or mud from all the family, including the dog!

E Eating, without a doubt, is a highlight of every day. And food tastes twice as good when you’re on a roadtrip adventure. With your motorhome kitchen, you can cook your favourite dishes anywhere in the world or try regional specialities, with fresh ingredients from the farmer or local markets. Change the scenery every day. You’re always guaranteed the best table!

F Freedom, the ultimate feeling when adventure camping. Detached from everyday life, from the hustle and bustle of the city and from predictable plans is the best relaxation ever.

G Gas in plentiful supply. For wild camping, you’ll need it, as there’s no electric hook-up off-grid. The cooker, boiler and heating are all operated via the gas cylinders, so that nobody freezes in the wild or does without a warm meal. Our motorhomes and campervans are built for year-round adventure!

H Huge storage space, thanks to the rear garage. This space is extremely practical, especially for bicycles, wetsuits or sports equipment. With Sunlight, the rear garage offers a lot of storage space, so everything you need is always at hand.

I International rules for adventure camping vary. In many countries, however, it is permitted to pitch on private property with the permission of the owner. For example, a private forest path or a large meadow could be yours for the night – just check first! You might even strike gold and be able to buy fresh honey or eggs for breakfast from your host!

J Jurisdiction – the Right to Roam. Research and you’ll find certain countries allow everyone free access to nature and wild camping. If you want, you can also forage for edible mushrooms, nuts or berries outside of protected areas to improve your culinary capabilities. Make sure you stick to the rules and adhere to any restrictions.

K ‚Kompakt‘ – that’s our superb Sunlight Camper Van. Thanks to its compact size, this beauty is particularly nimble to drive and a doddle to park. It’s economical, too, a sound, budget-friendly investment that you could easily use as your daily transport!

L Lighting naked flames, whether a candle, campfire or a barbecue is generally neither possible nor advisable when Adventure Camping, as naked flame and nature do not go well together. See ‚C‘ – a serviced campsite is where to go when you want to start toasting marshmallows!

M Motivated, but still not 100% sure it’s for you? Don’t forget you can rent a Sunlight motorhome or campervan first before you buy? We’re pretty sure you’ll be hooked after just one trip!

N Nature plays the starring role when you wild camp. Envelop yourself in fresh air and forest, gaze up at the stars, get off the beaten track … and everyday life will feel light years away!

O Outdoor clothing is on the packing list of every Adventure Camper. Be prepared for every kind of weather and let nothing stop you experiencing the best nature has to offer!

P Prepare for your trip. Breakdowns can happen on adventure tours and off-road trips, but doesn’t stop play. Our guarantee ensures we get you back on the road, whatever it takes. We have a strong network of retail and service partners worldwide, as well as several hundred workshop operations across Europe.

R Responsible travel always includes a First Aid kit. Keep in your motorhome at all times and remember to replenish! Sure, it is not the plan to get sick while travelling, but insect bites, sunburn, small cuts or symptoms such as a mild fever or headache can easily be treated on the go. Adventure, not misadventure!

S ‚Stellplatz‘ or aires are often unassuming, sometimes underated, but often provide a superbly-located alternative to a serviced campsite. Many of these spaces are located in the middle of the countryside with a view of mountains, forests or the sea and are free from the hordes often found in the main tourist traps.

T Travel with pets. Anyone who takes their four-legged friend on an adventure tour not only doubles their own fun, but also guarantees the enjoyment of their pet!

U Understanding our Environmental responsibility is a matter of honour for all Adventure Campers. All who love nature – and therefore choose this form of travel – take the utmost care that no wildlife is harmed, that neither humans nor animals are disturbed by their presence and that every camping spot is left at least as clean as it is was discovered.

V Vital supplies. You’ll need ample fresh water and somewhere to safely dispose of waste and grey water. You’ll find places to do this, whether at serviced stopovers, larger petrol stations or designated rest areas. Here the fresh water tank can be filled and the waste water tank emptied before it‘s time once again to head into the wilderness.

W Wild camping is the official term for camping outside of official campsites, preferably in the middle of nature. Every country – often varying by region – has its own rules for this. Before you set off, make sure you’re up-to-date with the rules and regulations of your destination and always stay within the law.

Z Zest for wild camping often means you’ll want to leave behind complicated gadgets and gizmos – but there are essentials you’ll need for your adventure and you’ll need the payload to transport it. ‚Payload‘ is the weight of goods allowed on board in addition to the empty weight of the motorhome. This includes your luggage and any sports equipment, as well as all passengers. The longer your adventure trip lasts, the more important it is to have enough supplies on-board for self-sufficiency. Talk to your Sunlight retailer about the best model for your needs.

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