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That's why the US Biathlon Team is on the road with a SUNLIGHT motorhome
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Das US Biathlon Team mit ihrem SUNLIGHT Integrierten

The motorhome serves as an important retreat and a second home.

The US Biathlon Team has started the season with I 68.

We think differently, often stand out, go our own way. It’s a similar story with the U.S. Biathlon Team: As underdogs in the biathlon circus, the athletes from the U.S. rely on a special mixture of fighting spirit and love of life. In the World Cup, they were once often overlooked, but today they stand out due to their good mood, their good performances and their good-looking as well as high-quality equipment. The Bavarian outdoor clothing brand Maloja and SUNLIGHT are responsible for the latter.

Fresh style and retreat for the underdogs

For the World Cup events, the U.S. Biathlon Team travels through eight countries with a brand new integrated. The comfortable support was by no means always there:

“The other teams had their branded cars – and we had some cheap rental cars,” says U.S. biathlete Clare Egan. “Our appearance was anything but professional.”

Today, the team has partners in Maloja and SUNLIGHT who support them with passion and special dedication. The I 68 features a Stars and Stripes-design and its sporty, distinctive front is a perfect fit for the U.S. team. It provides an important retreat for the professional team. The I68 Adventure Edition is perfect for this, space for everyone and everything! In terms of room feeling, it can’t be topped.

All three integrateds get completely new front hoods, LED headlights and turn signals with their own light signature, and black headlight bezels in the 2022 model year. The interior of the model series also has a fresh look: a revised dashboard with folding passenger locker, optimized storage/storage areas for the smartphone, maps and coins, cup holders for the driver and front passenger and a generous center shelf are fitted as standard in the I 68, I 67S and I 69L models.

The emotional story behind the US Biathlon Team’s cooperation with Maloja can be found here:

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