Andrew Cotton with the CLIFF to the biggest waves in the world

Since December the British Big Wave Surfer Andrew Cotton is on the road with our Sunlight Cliff. His adventure led him to Nazare, Portugal, this is the hotspot for the biggest waves in the world.
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Andrew Cotton is a professional big wave surfer, top level athlete, adventurer and guest speaker.

During the winter months there are waves up to 30 meters high, weighing up to 500.000 tons. And Andrew’s goal is to surf the biggest wave of the year. For this you need, besides skill and a well-rehearsed team, one thing above all else – patience and must be ready at all times. That’s why Andrew and his Cliff are standing right at the spot – the iconic lighthouse of Nazare behind which the biggest waves break.
To see these forces of nature in real life is already worth a trip for us. In addition, the small fishing village of Nazare offers not only huge waves but also a lot of culinary surprises. So definitely worth a trip also for non-surfers.

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