Get-out-There Deal.

You know, there is no SUNLIGHT without an extra spark that outshines it all: Get ready to embark on your next adventure with our motorhomes that get you out there at an unbeatable, top-notch price point. Check out our hot deals now.

Low Profiles Ford Adventure Edition Save 3.100 GBP!*

Distinctive look, self-confident appearance, state-of-the-art equipment. Above all, our sporty semi-integrated vehicles are not like all the others! Built on a Ford chassis.

Low Profiles Adventure Edition Save 3.100 GBP!*

Our TEILINTEGRATEDs are true space wonders and, with their modern, progressive look, are also a treat for the eye.

CLIFF Adventure Edition Save 1.300 GBP!*

We have designed the CLIFF Adventure Editions with adventure hunters in mind.

CLIFF Adventure Edition

CLIFF RT Adventure Edition Save 1.300 GBP!*

This is the (literally) grown-up version of CLIFF: The RT model is our extended Camper Van with a cool rooftop solution! It features the largest sleeping roof space on the market and thus offers more comfort, more freedom, more space for more people and more equipment – while keeping its slim and sleek design.

*The offer is valid at all official SUNLIGHT retail partners in the period from 01/01/2024 to 31/03/2024 and is only valid for orders of new SUNLIGHT vehicles during the promotional period. Not valid for existing purchase contracts. For more information and exact details, please contact your SUNLIGHT dealer.