Sunlight CLIFF 4×4 Adventure Van

Action without Limit.  
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Sunlight CLIFF 4x4 Adventure Van

Unique Concept Car: The Sunlight Cliff 4×4 Adventure Van

April 2019 – the speculation is over: Sunlight presents the Cliff 4×4 Adventure Van. There is nothing like it in the world, as it is a product of the pure thirst for adventure, creativity and imagination of its developers. A concept car like in a blockbuster – designed to defy hot desert sand, snow-capped mountains and endless gravel roads. Ready for action, sport and fun?

Made to survive adventures.

The Adventure Van is a dream for off-road junkies. For those who love it unpredictable and extreme, just like the members of the Factory Team. The professional athletes were the first to go on tour with the custom-made vehicle and they were allowed to use it to its limits. “It is absolutely crazy what you find inside the Cliff 4×4”, says professional snowboarder Aline Bock. “The vehicle is completely geared for action, from the bonnet to the tailgate.” With four-wheel drive and the corresponding tyre tread the Adventure Van masters the route off the road without any difficulties. The grey camouflage look is predestined for squirting gravel, dust and mud. This is pure nature. And when the wilderness becomes the base camp for the night, the four powerful headlights on the roof lighten the dark.

Climbing, surfing, relaxing

The vehicle is not for lazy bores. If you want to get high on the roof of the Adventure Van, you first have to prove your athleticism. Climbing holds at the rear are the only way up. Then on the non-slip GRP roof, you will find a comfortable hammock, which is securely fastened with two telescopic poles. With the sky so close you can fully relax. An absolute highlight and a brilliant idea: a winch on the roof for sports such as surfing, water skiing or wakeboarding. “Having his own water ski lift aboard is a lot of fun. And with the enormous length of the rope, the ride is worth it.”

For tinkerers and bikers

With its two side doors the Adventure Van clearly stands out from other Sunlight Camper Vans. And then the interior: at the rear there is a separate compartment for a MTB hopper, a portable jump ramp for mountain bikes. An assembly stand on the inside of the rear door offers all tinkerers and hobbyists a convenient way to change chains and brake pads. “As a biker, I feel perfectly taken with the Cliff 4×4”, says professional biker Guido Tschugg. “It is designed to have a great time”. In the interior of the vehicle, the bikes can be securely attached to a piece of furniture protection and accessories find their place in the functional storage bags. The developers of the Adventure Van know what matters.

To unfold and take away

Multifunctionality is essential in the Cliff 4×4. As a result, the compact vehicle can be used almost indefinitely. The telescopic poles for the hammock on the roof are secured to the wall in the interior and are a perfect shelf for surfboard or skis. The longitudinal couch folds out to a comfortable bed with a size of 180 x 145 centimetres. In addition, the two mobile, inflatable bed mattresses exactly fit on the sideboards and transform into two additional berths. The shower tray may be taken outside for an outdoor shower. Thanks to zippers, the shower curtain becomes a stable, splash-proof cabinet and at the same time serves as a privacy screen for the burner toilet.

After use, the curtain is simply wound up on a telescopic pole. And the storage space? No trace of overhead lockers. The adventure equipment finds its place in a net on the ceiling, on hooks and in bags. In addition, there are two mobile freezers, which are even accessible from the outside. Take them to the beach together with your Boombox and enjoy parties without end.

„We have put everything we know about the desires of the Sunlight Community in our Show Van. It is a real heart project, in which the fans of the brands recognize themselves. The Adventure Van stands for dynamic, pure adventure, sportive activity and extraordinary experiences. It is the ultimate fun vehicle for any outdoor activity. True to the motto: Let the Good Times Roll”, says Stefan Riedlinger, team leader Marketing Sunlight.

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