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Quick answers to the most frequently asked questions

Before purchase

Am I even allowed to drive a motorhome or camper van with my driving licence?

Anyone with a class 3 driving licence, i.e. who obtained their licence before 1999, may drive motorhomes up to 7.5 t gross vehicle weight. However, anyone with a B driving licence from 1999 onwards may only drive vehicles with a technically permissible maximum mass of up to 3.5 tonnes. For vehicles with a maximum permissible gross weight of 3.5 to 7.5 tonnes, a C1 driving licence has been required since 1999. There are different driving licence classes depending on the country. Please check your class on your driving licence. This will determine which motorhome you are actually authorised to drive.

Where can I find all the technical data for the vehicle?

You can download the technical data her.

Where can I configure my SUNLIGHT dream vehicle?

We have an interactive configurator for all SUNLIGHT models available online here. You choose the vehicle that meets your wishes and needs and then customise it step by step. At the end, you can have your configuration sent to you as a PDF by e-mail or request an offer from your local dealer.

Does SUNLIGHT have a showroom and can I view vehicles in Leutkirch?

A trip to the beautiful Allgäu region is always worthwhile – but more for the nature than to view our vehicles. Our administration building is located in Leutkirch, but there is no showroom. Our SUNLIGHT vehicles are produced in Neustadt in Saxony, but our motorhomes and camper vans are not on display here either. You can view the models in detail at our trade partners.

Where do I buy my SUNLIGHT motorhome or camper van?

At one of our SUNLIGHT dealerships. Here you can clarify all questions about the vehicle, the contract and the equipment and discuss the entire purchase process.

Can I buy my new SUNLIGHT motorhome or camper van directly from SUNLIGHT or directly from the factory?

We are delighted that you are interested in our vehicles, but our camper vans and motorhomes can only be purchased from SUNLIGHT dealers. You can find an overview of all our dealers and service partners here.

Are there financing models for my SUNLIGHT dream vehicle?

Absolutely. ERWIN HYMER GROUP Finance offers various attractive models for financing, leasing or insuring your SUNLIGHT vehicle. You can find out more here.

I am interested in a particular SUNLIGHT model. Can I find out from SUNLIGHT which dealer has the model on display and where it is still available?

This is a little difficult because, as a manufacturer, we sell our vehicles directly to our retail partners. Unfortunately, we then no longer have any insight into which models can be viewed on site or which vehicles have already been sold. Therefore, please contact your dealer directly and enquire about your desired SUNLIGHT vehicle. Or take a look at the website www.mobile.de.

Who do I contact with questions about equipment options and packages?

On our website you will find lots of information, pictures, videos and even 360° views. There is also our practical configurator, which you can use to put together your dream vehicle. But of course you may still have questions about optional extras and packages – please contact a SUNLIGHT dealer of your choice.

Inspiration, stories and tips from our Adventure Crew and also from the (huge) SUNLIGHT community on all kinds of topics (from equipment to trips with kids and dogs to the most beautiful destinations) can be found on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Note on packages and optional extras:
The factory installation of optional extras increases the actual mass of the vehicle and reduces the payload. The indicated additional weight for packages and optional extras shows the additional weight compared to the standard equipment of the respective model or layout.
The total weight of the selected optional equipment must not exceed the manufacturer’s specified weight for optional equipment in the model overviews. This is an imputed value determined for each model and layout, which SUNLIGHT uses to determine the maximum weight available for factory-fitted optional extras.
Detailed information and explanations on the subject of weight can be found in the Legal information section.

Around the vehicle

What is the difference between absorption and compressor refrigerators?

The main difference between absorption and compressor refrigerators is the way they are operated.

The compressor refrigerator (operating source 12V and 230V) works independently of the outside temperature. This means that the contents of the refrigerator can still be cooled well even at 40°C outside temperature. The refrigerator cannot be operated with gas.

The absorption refrigerator (operating source 12V / 230V / gas) can only cool within a certain temperature range (compared to the outside temperature).

Which refrigerator is installed in the SUNLIGHT models?

The SUNLIGHT motorhomes are equipped with an absorption refrigerator and the camper vans with a compressor refrigerator.

Which radios can be used on the radio preparation ex works?

If you have selected radio preparation in your configuration, any DIN radio can be installed. If you select “Rear view camera preparation”, only the radio / multimedia system offered by SUNLIGHT Original Parts and Accessories (without corresponding adapter) can be installed. Please discuss this with your dealer before ordering the vehicle.

Which child seat should I use in my SUNLIGHT?

In motorhomes, a suitable child seat is mandatory for children younger than 12 years or smaller than 150 cm. As a rule, the seats are fitted with three-point seat belts. Depending on which child seat is used, the prescribed fastening must be observed.

Always make sure that you guide the belt through the notches provided in the seat and that nothing is twisted. Child seat manufacturers generally specify which vehicles they are approved for.

By the way, Aline Bock has a few travel tips for new parents.

Are the SUNLIGHT vehicles equipped with Isofix?

Yes, they are. All SUNLIGHT vehicles from model year 2020 are equipped with two Isofix seats as standard. Motorhomes and camper vans from model year 2021 are also equipped with two Isofix seats as standard.

The seats are usually equipped with 3-point belts. Depending on which child seat is used, the prescribed fastening must be observed.

By the way, our Adventure Crew member Aline Bock has a few travel tips for new parents.

Can an Isofix system be retrofitted in a motorhome?

Isofix retrofitting options with an expert opinion can be offered for various seat frames. In many cases, a modified cushion is also required for the attachment kit.

To clarify the details for your vehicle, please contact your specialist dealer.

By the way, Aline Bock has a few travel tips for new parents.

Which Isofix and child restraint systems can I use in my SUNLIGHT?

The Isofix seats are generally approved for child seats with the Universal” classification and the three-point belt. Child seats with a base may only be used in camper vans. The system is designed for child seats with the use of a top tether.Incidentally, our Adventure Crew member Aline Bock has a few travel tips for new parents.

How many authorised seats do the SUNLIGHT motorhomes and camper vans have?

The authorised seats (including the driver) are determined by the manufacturer in the so-called type approval procedure. This results in the so-called mass of the passengers.

A standard weight of 75 kg per passenger (without driver) is used for this purpose.
You can find detailed explanations on the mass of passengers under “Legal information”.

Can I have seats retrofitted in my vehicle?

Your SUNLIGHT dealer is also the right contact when it comes to whether a seat retrofit is possible in your model: For this, the feasibility must be clarified with SUNLIGHT. If the necessary parts are available and can be retrofitted, it is also necessary to check whether the vehicle can be loaded. Depending on the extent of the vehicle equipment, it may be necessary to increase the load because the increased number of seats will increase the standard weight relevant for registration. And this must not exceed the permissible total weight of the vehicle!

Obligation to register: If additional seats are installed for use while driving, they must be approved by a recognised technical testing organisation with a test report from the manufacturer. The retrofit must then be entered in the vehicle documents

The following documents are essential for this:

Clearance certificate from the manufacturer
Test report
Work instructions for the retrofit
Further information:

Seat belt points: The seat belts may only be fastened at tested points. This is described and confirmed in the expert report. For vehicles registered for the first time on or after 20 October 2007, seats perpendicular to the direction of travel are no longer permitted. Lap belts are only used for seats facing against the direction of travel.
Fixing the seat base: In the event of an accident, forces must be transferred directly from the seat frame to the chassis. This requires either inserts in the floor that cannot be compressed or, in the case of vehicles with a double floor, spacer blocks that can bridge the distance from the chassis to the floor/seat frame. These components must also be tested.

Weight of the seats: An average restraint system adds approx. 30 kg extra weight per seat.

Is there any information on the Truma heaters installed?

But of course. We’ve put them together for you here. You can find more detailed information in the operating instructions for the heater or on the manufacturer’s website.

Truma Combi

The liquid gas heater is a hot air heater with an integrated hot water boiler (10 litre capacity). The burner is fan-assisted, which ensures perfect operation even when travelling.

Truma Combi (E)

If you have installed a Truma Combi E, it is possible to operate the heater using heating rods via 230V. Mixed gas and electric operation is also possible.

Heating and hot water operation

This heater can be used in heating and hot water mode to heat the room and heat water at the same time. The respective components can also be used separately. This means that water can be heated (when the boiler is full) without heating the room – and vice versa.

Truma S heater

The heater is supplied with liquid gas and is ignited by a battery-operated automatic igniter in the burner. The inspection window can be used to check whether the gas has been ignited. The hot air flows through an S-shaped heat exchanger and exits through the chimney together with the combustion gases.
The heat exchanger heats the direct ambient air in the heater housing. It passes through the fins of the panelling into the living area and is distributed in the caravan via the fan as required.

Further helpful information can be found in the operating instructions for the heater or on the Truma service page.

What is Truma Duo Control?

The Truma Duo Control CS is a 2-bottle gas pressure control system that allows you to operate the gas system while driving thanks to the integrated crash sensor and that automatically switches to the reserve bottle when the operating bottle is empty.

The crash sensor

In the event of an accident or a bumpy road, the crash sensor triggers and immediately interrupts the gas supply. You can reset the crash sensor by pressing the yellow reset button on the Duo Control.

Truma Duo Control remote display

The remote display shows you via a green LED that the control system is ready for operation. If the green LED goes out and the red LED appears, the operating cylinder is empty and the system has switched over. You should therefore fill or replace the operating cylinder as soon as possible. You can also switch the so-called EisEx on and off on the remote display. The EisEx (a 12V regulator heater) prevents ice drops from forming on the gas pressure regulator system in winter. This ensures a trouble-free gas supply even in winter conditions.Truma gas filter

Oily particles are carried along in the gas flow as aerosols. Over time, these are deposited in the gas pressure regulator and clog it. The Truma gas filter protects the gas system from such contamination and filters the residues out of the gas via a filter pad. When changing the cylinder, you should also replace the filter pad to ensure a long service life for the gas system.

Which body battery is fitted as standard in the vehicles?

An AGM battery with 95 Ah is fitted as standard in the SUNLIGHT motorhomes and camper vans. A second battery can be ordered as an optional extra. Both batteries are installed under the front passenger seat.
*In the partially integrated Ford Adventure Edition, the second battery is installed in the seating area. In the CLIFF 4×4 Adventure Edition on Ford chassis, the second battery is installed in the rear on the left under the bed.

How does a charging booster work?

While driving, the living area battery is charged by the vehicle’s alternator. Fluctuations in the charging current and a voltage drop between the alternator and the living area battery impair the performance of the living area battery. The charge booster is used to keep the charging current from the alternator constant and to compensate for any voltage drops.

What types of lithium batteries are used in motorhomes?

Lithium-iron-phosphate batteries (abbreviations: LFP or chemical formula: LiFePO4). Phosphate-based materials have better thermal and chemical stability than other lithium-ion cathode materials. LFP cells are very safe batteries. They are fireproof in the event of overcharging and more resistant in the event of short circuits. In the event of misuse, this cathode material does not release oxygen, does not burn and is therefore insensitive to heat. Lithium iron phosphate cells also have a longer service life. LFP cathodes support higher voltages and correspondingly higher currents, which is why they are suitable for use in fast-charging batteries.

The hybrid system developed by the Erwin Hymer Group is a speciality. Here we have combined the advantages of different battery systems (AGM/ LFP) into one system. The system is modular and can be retrofitted or upgraded.

What are the advantages of a lithium battery?

High cycle stability (long service life):
Rechargeable batteries with lithium iron phosphate are particularly long-lasting, because every time a battery is charged and discharged, it loses a small amount of its original capacity. Lithium iron phosphate batteries are therefore particularly cycle-resistant. This corresponds to up to approx. 3000 full charge and approx. 5000 partial charge cycles that can be provided.

Usable capacity
Lithium iron phosphate batteries have an efficiency of approx. 90% – in comparison, a lead battery has an efficiency of around 50%.

Integrated battery management system BMS
Most batteries have an integrated battery management system. This is an electronic system which, in addition to evenly charging the individual cells, also regulates how much current the battery delivers and protects it from excessive discharge. In principle, lithium batteries are very well suited to powering heavy consumers such as coffee machines, hair dryers etc. via inverters. The decisive factor is the maximum discharge current specified in the battery operating instructions.

What tasks does the EBL (electric block) perform in the motorhome?

Battery charging while travelling
Simultaneous charging of the starter battery and the living area battery by the alternator, parallel connection of the batteries via an isolating relay. Standard circuit, technical modifications for vehicles with intelligent alternator.

Battery charging via solar regulator
Maximum permissible charging current 14A, fused with 15A (for living area battery), simultaneous charging of the starter battery.

Battery disconnection
The battery is disconnected via the battery disconnector. This measure prevents a slow discharge of the living area battery due to idle currents during decommissioning. The prerequisite is that all loads are connected via the EBL.

Battery selector switch
Switching option to ensure the optimum charge (IUoU) of the connected living area battery, depending on the type, when connected to the mains supply.

Automatic switch-off
The battery monitor compares the voltage of the living area battery with a reference voltage. As soon as the battery voltage falls below 10.5V, ALL loads are switched off by the main switching relays 1 and 2. The system can only be switched on again via the operating or control panel when the voltage exceeds 11V.

Fuse protection
The EBL takes over the overall fuse protection of the 12 V circuit in the motorhome.

Which emissions standard do SUNLIGHT vehicles fulfil?

All our motorhomes and camper vans fulfil the currently valid Euro 6 standards according to EC directives.

Which WLTP CO₂ value does my SUNLIGHT fulfil?

As all SUNLIGHT motorhomes and camper vans are registered as special vehicles, we are not obliged to provide these values. We are therefore unable to provide any information in this regard and refer to the manufacturer’s specifications from the respective chassis supplier.

What is the difference between a high frame and a low frame?

Depending on the vehicle category and conditions, we build the layouts of our vehicles on a high frame or a low frame. With high-frame chassis, the floor and the transition to the driver’s cab are step-free. Low-frame chassis, on the other hand, have a step (unless they have a double floor).

When is my next MOT and when is the next gas test due?

You guessed it: just like a conventional car, your motorhome or camper van also has to undergo regular main and exhaust emission inspections at the technical inspection agency. You will find the due date of the next MOT inspection on your licence plate and in the TÜV inspection documents. Motorhome owners are also obliged to have a gas test carried out every two years. You will need a valid gas test certificate for the gas system for the main inspection of your SUNLIGHT.

What does "technically permissible maximum laden mass" mean?

The technically permissible maximum laden mass of the vehicle (e.g. 3,500 kg) is a mass specification defined by the manufacturer which the vehicle must not exceed. Information on the technically permissible maximum laden mass of your chosen model can be found in the technical data.

Important: If the vehicle exceeds the technically permissible maximum laden mass in practical driving, this is an offence that can be punished with a fine.

You can find detailed explanations in the “Legal information”.

What does "mass in running order" mean?

In simple terms, the mass in running order is the basic vehicle with standard equipment plus a statutory fixed weight of 75 kg for the driver. This essentially includes the following items:the unladen weight of the vehicle including body, including any operating fluids filled in, such as lubricating greases, oils and coolants;the standard equipment, i.e. all equipment items that are included as standard in the factory-fitted scope of delivery;the fresh water tank is 100% full when the vehicle is in driving mode (filling according to the manufacturer’s specifications; 20 litres) and an aluminium gas cylinder weighing 16 kg is 100% full; the fuel tank is 90% full, including fuel;the driver, whose weight – regardless of the actual weight – is set at a flat rate of 75 kg in accordance with EU law.
Information on the mass in running order can be found for each model in our sales documents. It is important to note that the value stated in the sales documents for the mass in running order is a standard value determined in the type approval procedure and checked by the authorities. It is legally permissible and possible for the mass in running order of the vehicle delivered to you to deviate from the nominal value stated in the sales documents. The legally permissible tolerance is ± 5 %. The EU legislator has thus taken account of the fact that certain fluctuations in the mass in running order can occur due to weight fluctuations in supplied parts as well as process and weather-related factors.

These weight deviations can be illustrated using a sample calculation:

Mass in running order according to sales documents: 2,850 kg
Legally permissible tolerance of ± 5 %: 142.50 kg
Legally permissible range of mass in running order: 2,707.50 kg to 2,992.50 kg
The specific range of permissible weight deviations can be found for each model in the technical data. We endeavour to reduce weight variations to the minimum unavoidable for production reasons. Deviations at the upper and lower end of the range are therefore very rare; however, even with all optimisations, they cannot be completely ruled out technically. We therefore weigh each vehicle at the end of the line to check the actual weight of the vehicle and compliance with the permissible tolerance.

You can find detailed explanations in the “Legal information”.

Are there instruction videos for the various functions in the vehicle?

Yes, on our SUNLIGHT YouTube channel. You’ll find some advice videos there – and lots of inspiration…

Where can I order spare parts for my SUNLIGHT?

You can order spare parts directly from your SUNLIGHT dealer or service partner . They will also inform you about prices, availability and delivery times.

I would like to travel abroad with my SUNLIGHT. How fast can I travel there?

For vehicles under 3.5 tonnes, the same speed limits apply as for cars. On the following website you will find information on relevant speed limits for motorhomes over 3.5 tonnes: Information on speed limits.

How long can you be self-sufficient with a SUNLIGHT vehicle?

Of course, this depends on usage and is difficult to quantify. But with a body battery, you can be self-sufficient for 1-2 days with normal use. After that, the battery is empty. With a second body battery, you can extend the period to approx. 2-4 days.

What weight is the electric step on my SUNLIGHT suitable for?

The electric step can be loaded with a maximum of 200 kg.

Can I walk on the roof of my vehicle?

Please refer to the operating instructions for the maximum permissible roof load. With permissible roof loads over 75 kg, the roofs of our vehicles can only be walked on to a limited extent. This means that you should avoid point loads when walking on the roof, as they can lead to dents on the roof. We recommend using a large-area base (e.g. polystyrene sheet) to distribute the weight. And to avoid scratches, you can also protect the roof with a blanket.

Helping people to help themselves

What should I do if the SAT system does not retract?

Please start the engine, then the SAT system should retract automatically a few seconds later due to a safety shutdown. If not, reset the SAT system by de-energising the vehicle. To do this, please switch off the control panel above the entrance door, disconnect the 230 V plug (if plugged in) from the power supply and then set the battery isolator switch on the electrical block (EBL) to OFF. After approx. 2-3 minutes, reset the whole process and try to switch on the SAT system using the control unit. If the SAT system still does not retract, you must manually remove the articulated arm including the parabolic reflector using the two screws on the joint and stow it safely in the rear garage of the vehicle. Please visit your nearest SUNLIGHT dealer who can analyse and rectify the fault on site.

The reversing camera is not working?

Have you checked the settings on the multimedia device?>>> The function of the reversing camera must be activated or set here.Have you checked the reversing camera for damage?>>> Water ingress or mechanical stress can permanently damage the camera and cause it to fail.If you have not detected any obvious faults and the settings in the multimedia device are correct, but the camera is still not working, please contact a SUNLIGHT dealer or service partner to have the fault analysed and repaired.

I have problems with the fresh water supply.

Is there no water flowing in your vehicle? Can you hear the fresh water pump humming when you turn on a tap? Yes: Have you already checked the water level in the fresh water tank? Note: If there is too little or no water, there is a risk that the water pump will run hot during use and therefore no longer work. The water pump must then be replaced. No: Is the control panel for the power supply switched on? Have you already checked the fuse on the electrical block (EBL)? Can you not hear the buzzing of the water pump when you turn on the other taps? Note: If water does come out of another tap, the microswitch on the previous tap is probably defective. The microswitch/tap must then be replaced. If you have been able to rule out all points and the water pump still does not work, please contact a SUNLIGHT dealer in your area.

My vehicle has no power.

Please check the following points: Battery isolator switch on the EBL set to “ON” and 12V switched on at the control panel? Is the body battery charged and correctly connected? (The charge status can be called up via the control panel) Shore power connected (if not in autarky mode)? Are the fuses on the EBL OK?

I have an error message on the control panel.

If errors are displayed in the control panel of the vehicle body, please refer to the operating instructions. Here you will find information on the error in question and how to rectify it, if you are able to do so. If you are unable to achieve the desired result with the help of the operating instructions, please contact your nearest SUNLIGHT dealer, who will be able to analyse and rectify the fault.

My step no longer works.

Is the step of your vehicle not working? Can you hear the step motor buzzing? No: There is no audible buzzing from the step motor when the switch is operated, and the basic light in the vehicle is also not working. Please check the fuse, described as “step”, on the electrical block (EBL). Note: If the basic light in the vehicle still works, it is highly likely that the motor of the step is defective. The motor must then be replaced. Yes: If this is the case and the step still does not move, a broken shaft may be the cause. This happens, for example, if the step is not fully extended and then stepped on. To ensure an accident-free journey, carefully push the step back into its original position by hand and secure it with cable ties or adhesive tape. If the step does not function properly despite these checks, please contact your SUNLIGHT dealer.

What do I do if the fridge isn't cooling?

Failure of an operating mode: 230V does not work: Shore power connected? Is the fuse OK? Is the 230V switch lit? Control panel activated? 12V does not work: Is there really 12V at the socket on the towing vehicle? Is the fuse OK? Is the 12V switch illuminated? Gas operation does not work: Is the gas supply guaranteed? (Has the gas cylinder been connected correctly? Is the gas tap in the kitchen cupboard fully open?) Has the crash sensor been triggered? (Check the sensor in the gas box and reset if necessary.

How do I winterise my vehicle?

You don’t want to be on the road with your motorhome or camper van in winter? Then you can simply park it until your next trip and deregister it if necessary. However, check beforehand when the next main inspection is due – it would be awkward if it falls during the period of immobilisation. You should also note that you are NOT allowed to park an unauthorised vehicle on public roads. You must therefore park it on private property. You can find further measures for decommissioning your motorhome or camper van in the operating instructions for your vehicle. We have also compiled practical tips and tricks here.

Where can I find help with technical problems?

Your dealer or service partner is the first point of contact for all technical matters relating to your vehicle. They will also be happy to help you with retrofitting and the procurement of spare parts. If you are already in contact with your dealer or have other concerns, our service team is at your disposal at kundendienst@sunlight.de.

Where can I find the operating instructions for my vehicle?

When you take delivery of your SUNLIGHT motorhome or camper van, you will receive a folder containing the operating instructions and associated manuals – including those for the built-in electrical appliances. You can also download the operating instructions from our website. For a digital user manual or if you own a vehicle from an older model year, you can also contact us – please state your chassis number directly. Feel free to contact our service team at kundendienst@sunlight.de


How do I proceed in the event of complaints and warranty claims?

Your SUNLIGHT dealer or service partner is the first point of contact for all technical matters relating to your vehicle – including complaints and warranty claims. If you have already submitted a warranty claim or complaint to your dealer and still have questions, please contact our service team at kundendienst@sunlight.de

Do I have to carry out a body inspection?

Yes, we do recommend an annual body inspection at an authorised SUNLIGHT dealer or service partner. In this way, you can maintain the quality and value stability of your motorhome or camper van in the long term.

How do I find out about a possible recall?

If there is a recall, your dealer will contact you directly and inform you about the type, scope and procedure of the recall. If you are still unsure whether your vehicle is affected by a recall, you are welcome to contact our service team: kundendienst@sunlight.de

What advantages does the new car warranty offer me?

With the EHG new vehicle extended warranty, CarGarantie covers the full labour and material costs in the event of a warranty claim.Of course, this also applies if your vehicle is damaged several times. So there are no deductibles for you.You can take out the new car extended warranty for 12, 24 or 36 months with your dealer.We have compiled all the information you need about the new car extended warranty here.

What advantages does the used car warranty offer me?

With the EHG used car warranty, CarGarantie covers the full labour and material costs in the event of a warranty claim up to a vehicle age of three years – even if your vehicle is damaged several times. Only in the case of older vehicles do you pay your own share of the material costs according to the actual age of the vehicle. You can take out the warranty for 12 or 24 months directly at the time of purchase from a warranty-issuing dealer. You can obtain more information from your dealer.

Which models are covered by the SUNLIGHT 7-year leakproof guarantee?

Our 7-year leakproofness guarantee applies to all SUNLIGHT models built from 2020 onwards.

How many years does the SUNLIGHT tightness guarantee last?

Our tightness guarantee is valid for seven years. To ensure that the warranty claim remains valid, you as the buyer are obliged to have annual inspections carried out.

What are the conditions for the tightness guarantee?

The warranty is granted if the following conditions are met: The buyer has carried out all leakage inspections continuously and on time. The vehicle has a maximum mileage of 100,000 km. The vehicle has been subjected to normal use. The vehicle has not been subjected to improper handling or overuse. The care instructions and operating instructions of SUNLIGHT GmbH were observed. The buyer commissioned the seller or authorised SUNLIGHT GmbH trade and service partner to rectify the cause of the leak immediately (no later than 14 days after the damage was detected) and the vehicle was made available immediately on request. The vehicle has not been exposed to environmental stresses that exceed what is usual and permissible. The warranty area in the vehicle is in its original condition and if work has been carried out, it has been carried out professionally in accordance with the specifications of SUNLIGHT GmbH and has been carried out by the seller or an authorised SUNLIGHT GmbH trade and service partner. The warranty is valid for a maximum of 7 years from initial registration or delivery of the vehicle

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