How you get your camper in shape

How-To: The Allround Spring Camper Check

Your feet can’t wait to flipflop, the trees to burst into bloom and your Sunlight to set out on new adventures. Time to wake up and dress up. In our guide we tell you how to prepare your mobile home for the next season.

We assume that you have thoroughly cleaned and maintained your camper inside and out before winterizing. Yes?! Good Job! No?! Well, then now is the time to clean thoroughly, to check for any damages, cracks or porous seals and to repair them immediately.

You should check this before your first camping adventure:

Check 1: Open the hood and check whether the marten has paid a visit and nibbled, or does everything look okay?


Check 2: While we’re at it: make sure to check the levels of engine oil, brake fluid & windshield fluid.


Check 3: And what about the windshield wipers and the lighting system? Does it all work?


Check 4: Let’s move on to the tires: Do you require air top-up or a reduction, because you’ve inflated them more for the winter to make up for gradual air loss?


Check 5: Although you have drained and cleaned the freshwater tank in the autumn, it is still important to do it again. Once cleaned, refill the tank and test the water system to ensure that the tank was not damaged by any remaining water during the winter season. Also, check the water pipes, hose clamps and connectors.


Check 6: And it is similar with the gas system: open the cylinders and stopcocks, inspect all pipes and valves, and test the hobs and the heater.


Check 7: And, of course, absolutely essential: connect the starter battery, check the voltage and charge the battery if necessary. Then test the electronics on board, from the refrigerator to the sockets to the boiler.


Check 8: Finally make sure to inspect the storage space for any signs of moisture, check if the blinds are functioning smoothly, and check whether the windows are functioning properly.

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