Sustainable Camping Holiday

8 hacks for more sustainable camping

We all try to incorporate sustainability into our everyday routine at home, at work, when shopping, when cooking. But what happens when we are on vacation? We leave a carbon footprint with each and every trip and it’s our responsibility to keep it as small as possible. And it’s not that hard. SUNLIGHT helps you out with eight useful tips to minimize our impact on the environment when camping:

Tip 1: Clean cleaning

Shower gel, shampoo, washing-up liquid… the list of detergents in our camping set-up is long. And most of them pollute water and soil. Biodegradable soaps can be broken down naturally by bacteria, are compact and thus save space and weight. And you can use it for the dishes and your body, your hands and even your teeth – and they keep your liquid waste clean as well.

Tip 2: Leave it all behind.

The essence of camping is minimalism. Camping shows us that we simply do not need much stuff. Plus, the less we pack in our motorhome or camper van the less fuel consumption and emissions we have (and the less money we leave at the petrol station).


Also avoid traveling with a full fresh and gray water tank when on the road. Usually, you have the opportunity to get fresh water on site – and you also get fresh produce from local shops. So, do not bring too much food or drinks, but buy and try and enjoy local.

Tip 3: Filter instead of bottles

Bottles are heavy and bottles (in all its forms) have an impact on the environment. There are numerous water filters and water purification systems perfect for camping – a great option to clean water when travelling, to reduce waste, save space and avoid heavy lifting…

Tip 4: Take the bike

A bicycle is the easiest, quickest, most flexible, most fun and most ecological way of exploring your vacation surroundings, of going shopping, to the beach, the sundowner spot… It‘s definitely a must-bring!

Tip 5: Sunlight is great

We have the sun shining and just waiting to be harvested. Solar panels on the roof of your motorhome or camper van generate clean electricity and warm water – depending on the roof and panel size and, of course, the weather. ( And if there’s no space on the roof of your vehicle you can consider foldable solar panels.

Tip 6: Let the wind in

Open your window, turn off the air-conditioning. This saves energy and brings in the travelling vibe: let the wind play with your hair, soak in the salty breeze from the sea or the wild aromas of the maccia.


Tip 7: Recycling

It’s often more difficult to avoid waste on the road than it is at home. But try using as many refillable options as possible, shop fresh produce at local stores and separate your waste. The campsites have recycling systems and bins. Tip: it can come in handy to have more bags to separate your rubbish in your motorhome.

Tip 8: The right pick

Look out for especially eco-friendly campsites that go the extra mile in taking care of nature. There are sites certified by initiatives that monitor ecological criteria. Ecocamping, for example, promotes environmental protection within the camping industry and features more than 225 camping spots in Europe.

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