Adventure Van.

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Let the Good Times Roll

We are adventure-hunting nomads. We celebrate freedom and we live our dreams. That is why we turned our vision of an ultimate adventure van into reality. We’ve built a truly unique mobile home packed with super smart and super strong gadgets. Follow the adventures of our Factory Team and their SUNLIGHT CLIFF 4x4 Adventure Van.

We surprised wakeboard-pro and X-Games fan favorite Felix Georgii

Felix finally finds the perfect spot to unleash the 500 m winch installed on the roof of SUNLIGHT’s Adventure Van – and starts his spray and spin session.

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Van Winch-

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Vulcano Bike and 4x4 Sessions with Oli Dorn and Guido Tschugg

Time to live the dream: Oli and Guido set out to ride the sandy flanks of Mount Etna. Surfing down the lava landscape towards the sea with the steamy sand spraying is one of the most surreal rides of their lives – yet so real.

Van to Vulcano: Bike-Surfing Etna

Powder and 4x4 Sessions with Lena Stoffel and Aline Bock

Whiteout conditions on the drive up to the Kaunertal glacier. They close the road behind us. The next morning we see: sunshine, not a soul – and an epic snow dump.

That’s what we call jackpot

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Meet the Adventure Van


  • 4 x 4 drive
  • Climbing wall at the rear
  • Hammock on the roof
  • Winch
  • Stowable kicker


  • Incinerating Toilet
  • Mobile Shower
  • Innovative bed-couch-solution
  • Mobile freezers
  • Removeable JBL-Boombox

Henry Jackson’s tour of the van

Henry Jackson brings SUNLIGHT to the Spring Session in Laax/Switzerland. This time, the legendary MC who usually hosts the world’s craziest Big Air and Rail Battles, presents all the action packed in SUNLIGHT’s 4x4 Adventure Camper Van.