On the road with the SUNLIGHT CLIFF 4x4 Adventure Van

Join our SUNLIGHT Adventure Crew on their epic journeys full of adrenaline, freedom and unforgettable moments

We are adventure nomads who love adventure and freedom. With our customised SUNLIGHT CLIFF 4×4 Adventure Vans, we have sent our SUNLIGHT Adventure Crew on a breathtaking journey. Immerse yourself in a world full of surprises, thrills and unforgettable experiences. From wakeboard pro Felix Georgii to cult presenter Henry Jackson – our camper vans are the key to the most exciting adventures on and off the road.

Wakeboard Adventure Adrenalin session with wakeboard pro and X-Games winner Felix Georgii

The winch virtuoso was amazed when we presented him with the 500 metre cable winch on the roof of our Adventure Van. Felix found the top spot for his spray and spin action at Walchensee in Bavaria.

Van Winch-Session

Bike Adventure Van to Vulcano: Volcano ride with Oli Dorn and Guido Tschugg

It’s time to realise a big dream: Oli and Guido want to ride Mount Etna. The ride down the dark lava flanks to the sea with the steaming sand under their tyres becomes the most surreal ride of their lives.

Powder Adventure Powder sessions with Lena Stoffel and Aline Bock

Snowstorm on the way to the Kaunertal Glacier. The road is closed behind us. We are alone in the car park at the top. The next day: sunshine, not a soul around – but masses of powder. A winter dream in the SUNLIGHT CLIFF 4×4 Adventure Van.

Road Adventure Camper Van Tour with Henry Jackson

Iconic moderator Henry Jackson brings SUNLIGHT to Laax for the Spring Session. The man who usually comments on the biggest big air & rail events will be showing just how much action there is in the SUNLIGHT 4×4 Adventure Camper Van this time.

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