Kajsa Larsson

Kajsa Larsson
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Kajsa Larsson is not just a talented athlete – the 27-year-old is a multi-talented athlete. One of Sweden’s best gymnasts as a child she went on to compete on an international level in windsurfing, sailing and freeride skiing. But Kajsa has much more in store. She is an adventure hunter collecting stories, places and cultures – preferably with her Cliff (oh, and boyfriend William, too).
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Kajsa, what drives an adventure hunter?

KAJSA Good question. I guess mainly the feeling of exploring something new. Seeing amazing places and new landscapes, being out in nature. But I’m also really curious with people. Everyone has knowledge, has a history, a background and interesting stories to tell. Adventures have a lot to do with learning.


Learning about yourself as well…

KAJSA Yes, that is what it comes down to. Maybe that is why I ended up in actions sports. There is so much more to it than just the sports side. It’s the activity combined with the community. You travel, you meet a lot of new people and most of them are very open-minded and I find that super refreshing and inspiring.

But I also love the sports side, of course. How the body works and plays with the elements, testing out my boundaries and trying to go beyond – competing with myself in a nice sense.


Your athletic development is pretty unique. Your are smoothly transitioning from one sports to the next. Does that reflect your personality? Do you crave diversity?

KAJSA Yes, I do. Diversity is key. And I’m a bit restless, too. However, now for the first time in my life, I have a base that is not my parent’s garage. I’ve just moved to Are. Before I’ve lived in Italy, in Engelberg for two seasons and in Canada, too. But I’m still eager to travel. I learn so much from travelling, it really opens my mind. During the Corona times though I was forced to calm down and that felt good as well. I was so busy the past years, studying, competing, filming, moving around. It was nice to see the beauty of home again. In the future, I think, I will question what types of travel I want to do. Travelling is precious. It should not be about chasing from one thing to the next, but about true experiences.

Your first proper SUNLIGHT trip with your boyfriend, William Larsson (who is also a pro big mountain skier) took you to the far north of Sweden?

KAJSA Yes, as far north as you can go. We rode to Riksgränsen on the border to Norway. It is a tiny ski resort with really, really old chair lifts and a T-bar. It is so remote it was still running in Corona times. They have practically no slopes, so it’s all off-piste skiing and we had a record snow year with 6 meters of natural snow. The light up there is incredible, too. In April, May the pretty much never sets, so you have night skiing from 11am to 1am. Plus it is surrounded by Sweden’s highest mountains and we went touring, filming, skiing a lot.


In Sweden you were allowed to travel during Corona times.

KAJSA Yes. I love our Cliff, but I loved it even more during that phase. It gave us the opportunity to explore and to be out in nature. It was such a strong feeling of freedom.


Any hacks you have for SUNLIGHT travelers?

KAJSA Oh, I love the heating in the bathroom, because you can dry the wetsuit or ski clothing. Also, we got some board games and played a lot. It’s also a nice thing to invite people round for board game evenings. And then, of course, nice music and good coffee.


What are your future plans?

KAJSA It’s really hard to say, but we are in general no big planners. The Camper Van life is just made for us. It’s nice to be ad hoc. Although I have my base now in Are, all my sports gear is in my SUNLIGHT adventure home. We want to travel more in Scandinavia, it is so beautiful in summertime. Drive around, windsurf, hike, kite, run. We can pretty much do whatever we want – which suits us very well!

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