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Mobile working in a motorhome
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What happens when NEW WORK becomes NEW NORMAL?

Mobility Transformation & New Work
Our new project Home Office on Wheels

We strongly believe that digitization and new mobility concepts are the driving forces of societal transformation – and that those forces have to be re-thought and re-defined on all levels. We are known to be one of the most progressive brands on the RV market and we’ve always had a strong digital focus. So it was a logic step for us to embrace the New Work questions. Our marketing team member Fabian Schweikert introduced the idea of a Home Office on Wheels – and developed the concept for a mobile workplace solution in motorhomes.

One of the fundamental societal transformation processes – radically accelerated by the pandemic – is the questioning of traditional working models. Digitization, the challenge of fixed patterns as well as a new interpretation of mobility lead to a growing interest in location independence – and thus, the demand for flexible working environments will grow rapidly.

Digital media designer Fabian Schweikert approached SUNLIGHT with the idea of transferring the mobile holiday home into a mobile home office. For his International Marketing bachelor degree at the Dutch Fontys Venlo University of Applied Sciences, the 29-year-old developed and implemented a New Work project: Fabian examined the potential of location independent workplaces – in particular of motorhomes.

The trend towards mobile working solutions is underlined in his mobile office study: 76% of the 430 people asked stated that – due to the pandemic – they were working at home, partly at home and remote – compared to 45% before the pandemic. Further, the results of the Future of Work Reports 2021 show that 2/3 of those participants who can work at home would welcome a hybrid solution in the future. Research by the German health insurance DAK in 2020 revealed that 56% of the people believe to work more efficiently at home than in the office.




The Solution: Home Office on Wheels as a Modular Package for Motorhomes

Now, what happens when New Work becomes the New Normal? We see a great opportunity for SUNLIGHT to help shape the future. We are no longer a mere motorhome brand – we are a brand providing progressive mobility solutions.

Fabian worked with our engineers on a prototype that features a multifunctional, foldable table/desk – equipped with an additional screen, charging options (for the smartphone as well as other devices) and additional storage. We now review the implementation for a Home Office on Wheels solution, which could be available as a modular system for the brand’s motorhomes, vans and camper vans.


Fabian explains: “We will see a further increase of the so-called digital nomads and the SUNLIGHT concept addresses all kinds of professions: those, of course, who can work remotely and will re-define their working place. But also salespeople, scientists in field work – e.g. geologists or biologists – as well as site managers, architects, etc. Instead of staying in a sterile hotel, the Home Office on Wheels provides a flexible, professional and comfortable solution.”


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