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Celine Blochberger is a MTB coach, guide, sports model, ski and snowboard coach, race team instructor and event organiser of the Bergsport Festival in St. Anton – and very likely the tidiest Adventure Crew member…

Celine, how did you start your “travelling” career?

Celine: With my uncle’s “garbage van” to be honest. He is a mechanic and had this old VW T4 that he used to taking trash to the recycling stations. And he passed it on to me. He would have scrapped it otherwise. He gave it a year. But it survived further four years.

But it wasn’t the right vehicle once travelling became part of your business?

Celine: No, it didn’t really take me very far. It wouldn’t have worked on my first film project. We had a Sunlight Low Profile, which easily housed the team. Otherwise we would have rented apartments and that would have limited us to the spots in Albania, Croatia and Greece. With our motorhome we were super flexibel, and we enjoyed cooking so much at the end of the day, instead of hunting for a restaurant. It was just perfect.


Did you like the Low Profile?

Celine: Totally. It was a great team feeling, while everybody had his / her own space. And it was great to drive. The bigger the better, because you are more cautious – and, of course, the cameras are just invaluable.

And how do you like your CLIFF?

Celine: It’s living the dream. I’m deeply in love. It takes you anywhere and it looks so smart and athletic. Maybe too smart. It’s attracting people. I’m always welcoming strangers right in my living room. I’m glad I’m such a tidy person.

Are you saying that there are strangers just walking into your Camper Van?

Celine: All the time. Most of the time, fellow campers ask before taking a look. But other people just walk in. I mean it is nice in a way and I don’t mind showing them stuff. I remember that one time when I was showering my bike outside with the hose from the bathroom. A farmer stopped and asked what I was doing and wanted to know just how that workd. So I took half of the CLIFF to show all the details. Or that time when we were snowed in in La Grave and a super nice snow plough driver got as free – and afterwards asked if he could take a look…

Do you have any camping lifehacks?

Celine: I have a rubber mat for my shoes that I appreciate a lot. And a portable vacuum cleaner. I just can’t stand to have sand in my bed. And I’m so grateful for the fly shield. Mosquitos tend to like me.


Any top spots or destinations?

Celine: Peshkopia, Albania! You can park in a private garden. And I have to say the hospitality is next level. They were super nice, cooked for us, washed our clothing. Just incredible people.

You are also taking your CLIFF to places where you hold your Race Camps. Is your camper van turning into a bike basecamp then?

Celine: Absolutely. It’s our coffee spot and meeting room. The place where we eat, where the girls change and use the toilet.

You also coach young riders in your local club voluntarily. Why are the kids so important to you?

Celine: Yes, I love mentoring the kids in my local club, the MTB and Downhill Club Tirol, und I want them to go outside and experience nature. To enjoy being active and getting better. When they don’t try how would they know it is such an awesome thing to do? And when they put on their full face helmet they are in a different world. It is all about them and the bike. With extreme sports you have tob e 100% focused. You know: sports can change your life. As can travelling.

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