Yanneck Konda

Yanneck Konda (*1998) was born and bred in the very South of Germany, yet now lives in Innsbruck / Austria – that is when he’s not traveling the world. Aa a pro-snowboarder – a team athlete of both, Nitro and O’Neill – he spends about 130 days a year travelling the world. From China to the USA, from Helsinki to Kosovo. Yanneck may be the youngest member of the Adventure Crew, but he’s an old camping hand and has a few tips up his sleeve…


Yanneck, you're the youngest Adventure Crew. What qualifies you for the job?

Yanneck: Unfortunately not my driving record… Very likely, it’s my thirst for adventure, my love of travel, and my job as a snowboarder and filmmaker, which takes me on the road a lot. I’m not that old yet, but I started travelling at a young age, and am pretty experienced.


And did you do a lot of camping?

As a teenager, that was the only way to do it – and it’s still the coolest way. As soon as we were 18, we drove from France all the way down the coastline to Spain to surf. And at the of the winter season, we always had this spot up at the Kaunertal Glacier. Yet, that wasn’t with a camper van, but with a VW Polo and a tent. It was all super improvised. And cold. From that time comes my camping lifehack: set up a campfire with massive stones – and then wrap them in a blanket and take them into your sleeping bag. My lifehack from the days without a heater…



You don’t need the stones anymore these days…

No, fortunately not. Camping like that was super cool – but only for a time. Today, I have a film crew @yas.snowboarding. Often, we are on the road for weeks at a time, and of course in colder regions. When you’re out in the backcountry all day, soaked to the bone and full of bruises, you’re happy to have a real home to rest, to recover, to work in.



How did you get involved with Sunlight?

Actually, my first motorhome experience was with Sunlight. I was on a production trip with Nitro. That’s when I first realized how cool it is to have a proper home on wheels, where you can come down, take a hot shower, work professionally… Basically, it has to vibe – with people, with brands. And it did with Sunlight.

I like to have a good time with friends, meet new people, explore cultures.

You were also a member of the German national team, but that didn't really vibe with you, did it?

Yanneck: No, it didn’t. When I was 16, I had to decide whether to go to boarding school at the snowboard base in Berchtesgaden with my eyes set on winning a gold medal. Yet, I never was the competitive type. I like to have a good time with friends, meet new people, explore cultures. I’m still in the park a lot, but whenever the conditions are right, I’m off-piste. The challenges there are completely different. It’s not about how many times you rotate around your axis. It’s about aesthetics, timing, and the interplay with nature. That’s a whole different level of difficulty.




Do you have a favorite spot that you would be willing to share?

Yanneck: I mentioned it earlier: at the end of the winter season, you can stand at the parking spot at the lift station in the Kaunertal. It’s a beautiful, remote spot. You look at the stars and feel like you’re at the North Pole.


Where else do you want to go?

Yanneck: So many places! But right now, we’re planning a summer wakeboarding trip through Italy.

Besides your hot stone trick from your old cold camping days, do you have any other camping life hacks?

Yanneck: I always bring firelighters because I like to make campfires, WHERE IT IS LEGAL. Another must-have item is my folding. I take it to the backcountry but use it for many other things, too. Plus, of course: comfy chairs, a sound box with chilled music, a little indie and reggae… Good vibes.

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