High-flying in the park or deep diving in powder – with his skis, Austrian Fabio Studer (*1986) is comfortable in any terrain. He has brought a new style tot he the freeski scene, competed in the Freeride World Tour for eight years, and was in front of the camera for legendary ski productions – and for Jean-Claude van Damme. Today, he is hunting the best ski, surf, bike or paragliding spots with his CLIFF.
naar het interview

Fabio, how did you used to travel?

FABIO I had a SUV and I stayed in hotels or apartments, when I was travelling. My first real camper experience was in Canada, where we moved from spot to spot for a video production. That was an amazing trip. One day, I decided to get in contact with Sunlight, because I had the feeling we could be a good match. And you guys provided me with a CLIFF to see whether I feel comfortable.


And do you?

FABIO Totally. In the summer, my girlfriend and I travelled to South Tyrol and Croatia. We only had worked out a rough route and stopped wherever it was nice (and legal) to park. We had no commitments, no limits. And we had our SUPs and the bikes with us. I also fixed my thera stretchband to the rim and used CLIFF as a gym.


You are also travelling a lot professionally. How did that change with CLIFF?

FABIO I’m pretty obsessed with all kind of sports. Before I didn’t even bother to try to pack all the stuff in my car. Now I bring everything. One of my first spots that I drove to with my new Adventure Edition was the glacier in Stubai. The first day I trained on skis and went biking afterwards. I came back to the van, cooked a meal, did some stretching – and woke up the next day right at the gondola. That day I was again in the Primepark all day, but instead of taking the gondola I flew down to the parking lot with my paraglider and landed with skis right next to my van. I don’t want to exaggerate, but this was definitely one of the coolest weekends in my life. You can only top it with a place where I could also surf.

Which spots do you love?

FABIO Wherever the snow is good. I like being spontaneous and that’s why the van is just perfect. Silvretta Montafon is my home area, but I still have to drive 30-40 minutes. Now, I can just stay there overnight. I’m just super flexibel with my tiny home on wheels.


You’re skiing is amazing, but as a person you seem rather chilled and calm.

FABIO I am. And I love having the van as my retreat. So it’s not a wild party hub. My days are pretty active, so I like coming down, sorting out my gear, chilling, watching films. I have my JBL box, decent food and some books that I never seem to read.

What was your biggest adventure so far?

FABIO Oh, wow, that’s not easy. There are so many. My first year riding in the Freeride World Tour I had a wild line in Chamonix in 2013, that was a special moment. But also the films I have been doing with the Völkl crew. We are always having a good time. By the way: the latest is called Action Men. Oh, and I was acting as a stuntman for Jean-Claude van Damme in 2016. I thought he was so cool when I was a kid. It was an advertising spot for a beer brand and we filmed it in Romania. I remember lying on the bed in this small B&B thinking how crazy it is not only to meet Jean Claude van Damme, but to look like him, too – with a wig and the same clothes…



Which adventure do you dream of?

FABIO I would love to load my CLIFF with all my gear and go on a trip: mountain bike, surfboard, skateboard, paraglider and my Café Racer motorbike. And this is not a utopian dream at all. What can I say? My life is getting cooler and cooler. I really can’t complain.

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Vorarlberg, Österreich