Martin grew up in the Bavarian Alps, is one of the most talented sports photographers in Germany and knows how to fuse all his passions – and pack them into Cliff: photography, sports, travelling and his little daughter Vida.
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Martin, the first question to you as a photographer: what are the most photogenic places in the world?

MARTIN Oh, that’s super hard to say. There are beautiful spots everywhere, thank God. And it always depends on the perspective, of course.

Cape Town is extremely photogenic with its mix of mountains and the sea. In Norway I could stop at any corner to shoot the wild scenery. And in Ethiopia I was blown away by the charisma of the people. I guess also, because I was entering a whole new world. And when it comes to landscape I just love the Alps in all its variety. I don’t find the Cote d’Azur as impressive as my home in Bavaria…

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How does a photographer drive? Do you keep your eyes on the road or are you always looking for spots?

MARTIN It depends. When I’m scouting locations, I drive pretty slow and often stop at the side. Privately I don’t. Oh well, it does happen that I make a U-turn and go back to a place that looked nice to quickly shoot a picture.

What do you do when you are checking a location?

MARTIN If it’s a place I don’t know I usually go there one or two days before the shoot to look for the most beautiful places and check the light conditions. The sunlight is crucial – ha, that’s in a double sense now. But yes, I need to know where I have the best light at what time to capture the emotions.

And you’re scouting the whole day?

MARTIN Those are very long days. From dusk till dawn. I love having the camper so much, because I save precious time when I park right at the location. Midday, when the light is too harsh, I take a 13 minutes nap to recover. Any longer and I feel sleepy all day…

What else do you like about Cliff?

MARTIN I can easily bring all my equipment, park right at the location and never have to worry about finding a nice restaurant. I love being independent and I love cooking. And I also like about Cliff that it is so open and somehow communicative. You just don’t feel enclosed or limited. I like opening the door when cooking or sleeping with the back doors open. It’s almost like sleeping outside but with more comfort and a bit of protection.

What music do you play?

MARTIN All kinds. But German hip hopper Max Herre with his song “Vida” runs endlessly.

How come?

MARTIN It’s a song about his daughter who is called Vida. My girlfriend and I, we always said: whenever we have a baby girl we will name her Vida. We love the song, we’ve spent a lot of time in Spain and the meaning of the word, ‘life’, says it all. Well and we did.

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You have a baby girl named Vida?

MARTIN Yes. And she knew the song by heart before entering the world.

So travelling will now become a bit different for you?!

MARTIN Not professionally, but on private trips it will. We’re very happy that Vida seems to love Cliff. When it comes to packing: when I’m on production I just take all my equipment. With my family I only bring my Leica and enjoy the simplicity. And, of course, I take out the eight, nine lenses and pack the diapers instead. And the SUP boards and the bikes.