Martin Erd ger

Martin grew up in the Bavarian Alps, is one of the most talented sports photographers in Germany and knows how to fuse all his passions – and pack them into Cliff: photography, sports, travelling and his little daughter Vida.

The first question for you as a photographer, Martin: Where is our world particularly photogenic?

Martin: Oh, that’s really hard to say. There are dream spots everywhere, thankfully. And it’s always a matter of perspective.

Cape Town is incredibly photogenic with its mix of mountains and sea. In Norway, you want to capture the wild landscape at every corner. But for example, I was struck by the charisma of the people in Ethiopia. Maybe simply because I entered a completely new world. And in terms of landscape, I must say, our Alps in all their variations are just sensational. The Côte d’Azur didn’t impress me as much as my homeland…

How does a photographer drive around? Do you keep your eyes on the road or are you always looking around?

Martin: It depends. When I’m out location scouting, I drive quite leisurely, looking left and right, and I often stop by the roadside. Less so in private. Although it does happen that I turn around because I think: Man, that was something, you need to capture that quickly.


What should we imagine a location check to be?

Martin: If I don’t know the place, I usually arrive a day or two earlier for almost every shoot. I then look for the beautiful spots and see where the light falls at what times. Sunlight is extremely important to capture the mood and emotions accordingly. See: Sunlight is important—in a double sense.

Sunlight is important—in a double sense.

Are you on the go all day long then?

Martin: Sure, it starts with sunrise and ends with sunset. That’s why having a camper is ideal for me. Just the fact that the commute is eliminated. I just park Cliff directly at the spot. In between, when the light gets harsh—and I get tired—I take a power nap. That just can’t last longer than 13 minutes, otherwise, I’m sleepy all day.

What else do you appreciate about Cliff?

Martin: I can easily take all my equipment with me, park directly at the location, and I don’t have to worry about where the next restaurant is. I love to cook. And besides, what’s nice about Cliff is that it feels very open, somehow very communicative. You don’t feel so isolated. I really enjoy opening the doors while cooking. Or the rear doors at night. It gives you the feeling of having an open bedroom.


What do you listen to?

Martin: A bit of everything. But definitely Max Herre with “Vida” on repeat.


Why that?

Martin:In the song, Max Herre sings about his daughter. My girlfriend and I always said: If we ever have a girl, we’ll name her Vida. We love the song, spent a lot of time in Spain, and the word “life” just expresses everything. And now it has happened…


You have a daughter named Vida?

Martin: Exactly. And she knew the song by heart before she was born.

So traveling with a camper will be a bit different for you now?!

Martin: Professionally, no, but privately, of course, yes. In any case, Vida feels extremely comfortable in Cliff. As for the luggage: When I’m on a production, I have all the necessary gear with me. When I travel privately, I actually limit myself to my Leica and enjoy the simplicity. And of course, the eight, nine lenses come out and are replaced by diapers, SUP boards, and bikes.