About us We are not made for standing still.

We’ve always chosen the route less travelled. We’re hunting for the exceptional, want to explore uncharted territory. This thirst for freedom, independence, and adventure defines all of our models.

We are made for adventures.
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We want to enable as many people as possible to fulfill their dream of a campervan adventure.

Because we believe that you will find the most enriching and life-changing experiences on a road trip. Our vehicles are designed for those who seek the extraordinary, for those who embrace freedom and flexibility. For people who are guided by curiosity, driven to discover new places, meet new people. Our Sunlight camper vans and motorhomes are smart and reliable companions built for your adventurous journeys.

We are adventure-hunting nomads.

Sunlight was founded in 2004 in the South of Germany – and we are just as driven and motivated as we were on the first day.

Our team is small, our ambitions high. And we are the proof that the passion for the product and the community can result in something exceptional. We believe that innovation and creativity thrive in a dynamic, trustful work environment. Our team has the freedom to explore and take new routes – the best foundation for building vehicles that embody the essence of adventure.

What makes a Sunlight a Sunlight? Well, obviously we are not a conventional camper brand. Sunlight vehicles are distinct. Our look is individual and progressive. We want to express our positive spirit and our thirst for adventure.

We are not a conventional camper brand.

Form follows function

Our design is modern and dynamic, yet at the same time neutral and not overloaded. Because we want to give you the freedom to express yourself and get creative. We offer everything you need for a special experience, but we avoid any unnecessary extras. Sunlight vehicles come with a bathroom, bed and heating, clever solutions and many small wow details – but we don’t have a champagne holder.

A loyal partner

Reliability may sound outdated, yet for us, it is the foundation of every adventure. Anyone who enjoys being outdoors understands the importance of having a dependable partner. Whether in sports or on tour. This applies to both people and equipment. Your Sunlight is your homebase for venturing out on your own special adventure.

Partnerships that inspire!

It’s about building connections. Whether on the road or at work – it’s all about connecting with people, about building valuable relations, about having fun and growing together. We are extremely lucky to have found partners who share our values, have a strong message and inspire us with their creativity and passion.

The freedom to roam and park just anywhere is pretty much restricted everywhere. But Alpaca gives you the chance to stay at unique spots in nature. The start-up connects campers with private landowners who offer spaces on their farms and vineyards.
Alpaca Camping
It’s hard to count how many cool clips, great talks and productive collabs we’ve done over the years of partnering with Nitro Snowboards. We are super proud to have one of the biggest and most impactful snowboard brands in our network.
Sharing our roots in the Allgäu region, the dedicated, young Höfats team have successfully build an amazing brand. With a unique blend of design and engineering they develop unique fire-related camping products – a perfectly match for our vehicles.
There is so much we share with this super special brand from Bavaria: conviction, team spirit, the focus on design and functionality and the drive to follow our own way. Throughout our long partnership, we have built special collaborations – and spcial friendships.
Since 2016, we support the foundation of the football world champ which is committed to helping seriously ill children and their families by fulfilling dreams, enabling special therapies, and easing the burden on families. A project very close to our hearts.
Kroos Stiftung
Sölden has become our second home – not just because of the jaw-dropping alpine scenery of the Ötztal and the sensational singletracks. The Bike Republic Sölden lives and breathes an inclusive, open and welcoming bike culture which we very much embrace.
Bike Republic Sölden


Our Adventure Crew is, of course, essential to Sunlight – and you can find out more about the crew here. They are also taking part in our community events that have grown majorly over the past years and are pretty special to us. We believe in loyality and in friendship. We believe in exchange, in sharing time outdoors and bringing people together. We would love to welcome you at our camps and the events of our retail partners.

Get to know our adventure crew

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The Sunlight spirit is defined by the team spirit.