Azara García de los Salmones esp

Azara “The Storm” García de los Salmones (*1983) is one of the world’s greatest ultra trail runners. She is a National Champion of Spain, won the Transgrancanaria several times and came in second at the iconic Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc.

Azara, “you are the storm”, let us in about the story behind your tattooed life motto.

I really like tattoos and motivational quotes and on my right leg I have this tattoo that goes like this, “The devil whispered in my ear, you are not strong enough to withstand the storm. I whispered in his ear: I am the storm.” It is a phrase that reflects my character, on a personal as well as athletic level. My husband Alvaro came up with the idea of making this phrase a logo and a sign of identity.

What makes you run and run and run and run?

I always say that running is what I am and what makes up my whole being. I have been doing it since I was 8 years old and I’m over 40 now. For me it’s a necessity like breathing. I run without music because I need to listen to my breathing, the footsteps, the environment, I completely forget everything. I can come from a 100 km competition and the next day I still feel the same desire to run.


You are always on the move: either running or traveling. Do you enjoy being on the road?

Not really. I’m very homely and I like my routine, my things, my meals, my bed… But traveling with Sunlight has completely changed my approach because I can take the house with me, which gives me more peace of mind. Even if we are traveling further, I prefer to take my camper van than to fly.


On the Sunlight I take everything with me: my food, my bike, the clothes and shoes I need, my pillow, my books, all the filming stuff, I literally move my whole house. Thus, I don’t lose focus before the competitions. To be honest: Traveling with Sunlight has really changed my life, even though it sounds like a cliché, it literally has.

You always went your own way. Is that a spirit that you see reflected in SUNLIGHT?

My husband discovered Sunlight and said to me: “I found this brand that seems to have been made for you”. A small, adventurous brand that loves what they do. A brand that focuses on the details and has this family feel. To me you seem like an island in the middle of a sea of brands that are all the same. Maybe that’s why you have the palm tree in your logo, representing that island.



Is there something you like particularly about your Sunlight home?

The large capacity to store stuff. There always seems room for more, the distribution is very well configured. AND the bed. Rest is vital for me and the mattresses are out of the ordinary. I’ll tell you that I’ve slept better in this bed than in my own at home, no joke. One time at a race we stayed with the team in a hotel – the next day though we went back to the Sunlight.

Azaras CLIFF CLIFF 590 4×4 Adventure

Any special tips or hacks for campers?

I am a specialist in checklists… Before leaving we go through the lists, one for food and kitchen utensils, one for personal belongings and equipment. We also have lists of competition and photographic material. There are lists for everything.



And recommendations of places we have to see?

I use the park4night app and have found wonderful places. Most recently one in Volpaia / Tuscany, in the Chianti region. A tiny medieval village in the middle of the vineyards and with a spectacular sunset. The plan was to spend one night there –we ended up staying 5 days. And, OF COURSE, there is our home Cantabria, a paradise. We have high mountains for running, climbing, hiking – and some of the best beaches in Europe for surfing, walking and a great cultural heritage.

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