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For decades, Eero Ettala has been one of the top snowboarders in the world shaping the sport like few others. He has won a Winter X-Games Slopestyle gold medal, has triumphed at numerous Big Air events and starred in snowboard movies – before making his own critically acclaimed Red Bull documentary “Ender”. Even though he is no longer competing, Eero is still a Nitro team rider, Red Bull athlete – and also a member of the Sunlight adventure family. Today, the 35-year-old Finn is enjoying a new level of riding and of freedom – as well as family life.

Eero, is it a smart move to provide you with a mobile home? You hit rails, you destroy gear and you have a tendency to break parts of your own body. In what condition is your T68?

Eero: It’s in a super condition, all clean and shiny. I actually like it tidy. And, of course, it was a clever move to give me a camper van now – and not 10 years ago. Back then, I would have probably played around with it. But times are changing, I’m growing up and part and rebel life is more or less over. I’m becoming a father soon…

You have ended your career in 2015 with a documentary called “Ender” – but you are still a major part of the snowboard scene. What’s the grown-up Eero snowboard life like?

Eero: First and foremost, it is very cool. I’m really in a good place and I’m enjoying it very much. After the film, my sponsors came up and said that they would want to keep supporting me – which is amazing. For the past five years now, I was able to ride way more pressure free. I’m not scaling down, I get to know my body better and adapt the tricks.

Without the pressure of performing, I’m doing so much more and getting so much more out of the sport as well. I love the freedom I have now – and having a mobile home fits that lifestyle, that mentality just perfectly. I call it my mobile cabin.

I love the freedom I have now

Your mobile cabin?

Eero: Yes, Finnish people all want to have their own summer cabin. And I have the perfect one now. My Sunlight is my mobile summer cabin on wheels! I can always go to new destinations, I can follow the weather, pick my spots and have my cabin wherever I want – in summer as well as in winter, of course.

But you have no sauna?

Eero: Oh, in Finland every camping site has its sauna and a lake. It’s much more important to have your conveniences like toilet, shower and kitchen. I’ve just returned from the most amazing roadtrip to the North of Finland. Back home, I raved about it for days – until my wife said: OK, let’s go. So we went on our first trip together. It was a premier for her, she has never been out with a camper before. She was pretty hesitant in the beginning, because she thought she might not get any sleep and things will be inconvenient – mind you she is pretty pregnant, too.


And did she like it?

Eero: No, she loved it. She was so amazed about the toilet, the shower, to have everything you need and that it is easy to drive. And she slept better than at home. The mattress is fantastic – and at home in our apartment we have curtains, but they cannot blind out the light as well as the T68 can. In spring and summer, the sun hardly sets in Finland. But the Sunlight is so dark, we sleep so freaking good. We love the dark side of the Sunlight (laughs)…

That sounds like you’re turning into dedicated campers.

Eero: Definitely. On the road I’m already waving to all the other motorhomes out there. There are so many opportunities I have now, I’m super stoked. I can go on skate trips and family trips, go out filming or go roadcycling around the Finnish islands with friends. Plus, I get excited about so many things in the T68 itself. You know, the marquee is really a crowd pleaser. People will show up in a minute the moment you get it out. But right now, we are just having the best time sitting here in the sun in front of the van. The birds chirping, no people, no worries, just the two of us – well, the three of us.

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